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World Theatre Day – 27 March – General Knowledge Quiz

World Theatre Day: Every year on 27 March, World Theater Day is Celebrated. In order to give theatre its own identity in the whole world, in the year 1961, the International Theater Institute laid the foundation for celebrating World Theater Day on 27 March.

Today, in many countries, artists associated with theatre organize different functions at the national and international levels.

The objective of World Theatre Day

The purpose of World Theater Day is to tell the society and people of the world about the culture of theatre, to explain the importance of the ideas of theatre, to generate interest in people towards theatre culture and to honour the people associated with it. Is.

Test your knowledge about World Theatre Day with this multiple-choice quiz!

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#1. Who built the first theater in the world?

#2. What is the theme of World Theatre Day 2023?

#3. What is the name of world first theatre?

#4. Which city is known as Bollywood?

#5. In what city was the first World Theatre Day International Message presented?

#6. Who initiated the celebration of World Theatre Day?

#7. In what year was the first World Theatre Day celebrated?

#8. When is World Theatre Day celebrated?

#9. What is the purpose of World Theatre Day?

#10. Who wrote the first World Theatre Day message?



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We hope you would like this General Knowledge about Theaters with Online MCQ GK Quiz on World Theatre Day to raise awareness among students about theatres and Plays.

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Extra Shot about WTD 2023

Apart from this, there are some other objectives of celebrating World Theater Day, such as promoting theatre around the world, making people aware of the needs and importance of theatre, enjoying theatre and sharing the joy of this theatre with others, To fulfil all these objectives, this day is celebrated all over the world.

Some More General Knowledge Questions and Answers about World Theatre Day 

Question: When is World Theater Day celebrated?

Answer: Theater Day is celebrated every year on 27 March.

Question: When was World Theater Day created for the first time?

Answer: World Theater Day was started for the first time in the year 1961, it was started by the International Theater Institute.

Question: What is the benefit of theatre or drama?

Answer: Theater or drama works to create interest and awareness among people.

Question: How is World Theatre Day celebrated?

Answer: World Theatre Day is celebrated in many different ways, Like theatre performances, readings, workshops, seminars, and other cultural events.

The International Theatre Institute also invites a well-known theatre figure to write an International Message, which is read in theatres around the world.

Question: What is the theme of World Theatre Day 2023?

Answer:  World Theatre Day 2023 theme is “Theatre and a Culture of Peace

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