Famous Inventions and Inventors Quiz with Answers for Kids

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Inventions and Discoveries GK MCQs Quiz for Students with Answers

Welcome to Shiksha Press. In this GK Quiz you will have amazing Quiz Questions on Inventions and Inventors with Answers. This GK quiz could help students in increasing their general knowledge. It could also help them in testing their knowledge related to Inventions and Discoveries.

Discover Amazing Inventions: Fun Quiz on Famous Inventors for Kids!


Have you given your best in this GK Quiz on Inventions and Discoveries for students? If you have not scored good marks in this Invention and their Inventors quiz you can take this quiz as many times as you want. This MCQs quiz was made just to increase your General knowledge. Take a look on the Inventions and Discoveries Questions Answers.

Quiz Questions on Inventions and Discoveries with Answers

Who discovered penicillin?

Answer: Alexander Fleming

Who discovered the law of gravity?

Answer: Isaac Newton

Who discovered the structure of DNA?

Answer: James Watson and Francis Crick

Who discovered radioactivity?

Answer: Henri Becquerel

Who discovered the circulation of blood in the human body?

Answer: William Harvey

Who discovered the polio vaccine?

Answer: Jonas Salk

Who discovered the electron?

Answer: J.J. Thomson

Who discovered the smallpox vaccine?

Answer: Edward Jenner

Who invented the safety pin?

Answer: Walter Hunt

Who invented the phonograph?

Answer: Thomas Edison

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