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Interjection Quiz: How Well Do You Know Them?

Welcome to Shiksha Press. In this amazing Post you will learn and explore Interjections. This engaging MCQs Quiz with answers could students enhancing their Grammar Knowledge.

Taking an MCQs quiz involves reading each question carefully, evaluating the options, and selecting the most suitable answer.

Challenging MCQs Grammar Quiz on Interjections with Answers


Hope you have given your best in this English Grammar Interjections Quiz with answers. If you have scored less marks in this test then no worries you can try this quiz as many times as you want and learn more about it. Take a look on Questions and Answers on Interjections in English Grammar that are given below.

What are Interjections?

An interjection is a word or phrase that stands alone from the rest of the sentence and mainly shows emotion rather than meaning.

What are Examples for Interjections?


Meaning: Used to express amazement or surprise.

Sentence: Wow! That fireworks display was amazing.


Meaning: Used to express pain.

Sentence: Ouch! I just stepped on a sharp rock.


Meaning: Used to express joy or excitement.

Sentence: Hurray! We won the soccer match.


Meaning: Used to express a mistake or accident.

Sentence: Oops! I accidentally spilled my drink.


Meaning: Used to express fear or shock.

Sentence: Yikes! That was a close call.


Meaning: Used to express realization or relief.

Sentence: Ah! Now I understand what you mean.


Meaning: Used to express approval or admiration, especially for a performance.

Sentence: Bravo! That was an incredible performance.


Meaning: Used to express disgust.

Sentence: Eww! This milk tastes sour.


Meaning: Used to express a sudden realization or understanding.

Sentence: Aha! So that’s how it works.


Meaning: Used to express sorrow or regret.

Sentence: Alas! The picnic was ruined by the rain.

How can Interjections help Students?

Interjections are short words or phrases that could help students in expressing their strong emotions or reactions in front of all.

These words add color and excitement to language spoken by students. They also help students to convey their feelings in both that is speech and writing.

By understanding and using interjections improve comprehension, and become more engaging communicators with others. Learning about interjections with this MCQs GK Quiz can be fun and interactive.

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