Engaging Homophones Quiz for Kids: MCQs GK Quiz with Answers

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Fun and Engaging Homophones Quiz for Kids: Test Your Knowledge!

Welcome to Shiksha Press. In today’s post you will have some amazing and challenging Homophones Quiz Questions. This Grammar Quiz could help students to improve their English Grammar.

This quiz has MCQ-type questions that make it more confusing and challenging. You will be given a small sentence to fill, in the questions and three options from which you have to select the correct one that fits the sentence.

Exciting Homophones Quiz for Kids: Fun MCQs with Answers!


Have you given your best in this GK Quiz on Homophones for students? If you have not scored good marks in this Homophone English Grammar quiz you can take this quiz as many times as you want. This MCQs quiz was made just to increase your General knowledge. Take a look on the Homophones Questions for Kids.

Homophones Questions and Answers for Kids

What are Homophones?

Homophones are words that have same pronunciations but have different meanings and spellings.

What are the examples for Homophones?

Homophones Examples:

Flower and Flour

Flower: A plant with blossoms.
Flour: A powder used in baking.

Sea and See

Sea: A large body of saltwater.
See: To look at something.

Pair and Pear

Pair: A set of two items.
Pear: A type of fruit.

Knight and Night

Knight: A medieval soldier.
Night: The time of day after the sun sets.

Son and Sun

Son: A male child.
Sun: The star that the Earth orbits.

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