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Test Your Knowledge with This Fun English Grammar Quiz for Kids

Learn and Practise Grammar: In this amazing English Grammar quiz Students for classes 4,5,6,7,8 and 10th of any board like CBSE, ICSE and Any State board, can test their knowledge of English grammar.

Looking to test your English grammar knowledge?

Try our English grammar quiz with answers! This quiz is perfect for class 10 students and anyone else looking to brush up on their grammar skills. Our grammar test quiz includes 20 fill-in-the-blank questions covering a range of grammar concepts, and our grammar quiz with answers PDF makes it easy to check your work and see where you may need more practice.

So why wait? Take our English grammar questions with answers quiz today and see how much you know!

With 20 fill-in-the-blank questions covering common grammar topics, your child can test their knowledge of English grammar and see how much they’ve learned.

For any Student who is just starting to learn English, then this English Grammar Quiz will surely be beneficial for him/her. So gather your kids or friends and get ready to have some educational fun with this English grammar quiz!

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#1. My favorite color ______ blue.

#2. The sun ______ in the sky.

#3. He ______ the ball to me.

#4. She ______ a book before bed.

#5. We Will ______ the beach next weekend.

#6. The child ______ a kite in the park.

#7. They ______ lunch at noon.

#8. The baby ______ in the crib.

#9. We ______ to the park yesterday.

#10. The dog ______ its tail happily.

#11. The train ______ on time every day.

#12. The cat ______ on the windowsill.

#13. She ______ the piano beautifully.

#14. The boy ______ a red hat.

#15. I ______ to school every day.

#16. The butterfly ______ its wings slowly.

#17. The bird ______ high in the sky.

#18. The flowers ______ in the garden.

#19. The teacher ______ the students a story.

#20. The car ______ down the street.



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Thank you for taking part in our Basic English Grammar Quiz! Learn and Practise Grammar Quizzes for all Classes. You can share this Basic English grammar quiz with your friends and students for English language awareness.

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We hope you would like this General Knowledge about English Grammar to raise awareness among students about the english language.

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  1. By this my child learned some grammar and she is practicing more grammar in these holidays and this method is help her to answer more grammar questions.


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