One India One Emergency Number-112 Yojna, Read Details

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One India One Emergency Number 112 will Now Help You in Difficult Times

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Educational News: The government of India has implemented a project called the ‘Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)’ under the ‘One Nation One Emergency Number’ scheme.

Under this, services like dial number 100 (police), 101 (fire) and 108 (health) have been linked to the 112 common numbers under the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS). That is, now you will not need to remember all these numbers, but now all these facilities will be available only by dialling 112 numbers.

What is the theme of ‘One India, One Emergency Number-112’

The government has started this service on the theme of ‘One India, One Emergency Number-112’. Its meaning is understood from its theme itself. Under the ‘Emergency Response Support System’ project.

The government will commit to providing help in emergency situations through emergency number 112.

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Internationally Recognized Number to Help in Emergencies

Would like to inform you, the Central Government has notified Emergency Number 112 as an all-India, single, internationally recognized number for various emergencies such as Police, Fire, Ambulance etc.

Which includes Calls, SMS, and E-mail, There is computer-aided dispatch of field resources accessible through panic buttons and the 112 India mobile app.

ERSS Service Implemented in all States and Union Territories

Not only this, this emergency service has now been started by the central government in all the states and union territories. Earlier there were more than 20 emergency numbers for emergency services.

After the implementation of the new system, people got rid of all the problems. In fact, in the earlier system, it was not possible to get the phone many times due to some numbers being busy. In such a situation, now people will get relief from these problems as well.

Know Which Services are included in ERSS?

Under the new service Emergency Response Support System (ERSS), people will be provided immediate emergency assistance service by dialling 112. Earlier, when calls were made on 100 or 101, these calls were recorded in the police control room.

The ERSS Call Can be Made 24 *7 Days

Then this message was transferred through the wireless system to the concerned police post or police vehicle, but now, under this new system, as soon as a person dials 112, the call will be immediately transferred to the concerned department. And immediate action will start on this.

This means now people will get relief without delay. From this number, calls can be made 24 hours and 7 days to all the states and union territories of India to get immediate help from the fire brigade, medical team or police.

Why was There a Need for 112?

Be aware, most manufactured phone handsets are pre-programmed with the number 112 as the emergency number dialled with a single key press. TRAI allotted this number in May 2015 for the purpose of an emergency number in India. 112 is a globally recognized single emergency number.

When to use this ERSS Emergency Number?

You can call 112 or 100 when you have a sudden need for firefighters, an ambulance or the police. If there is no urgency, you can also inform the local fire brigade, first aid station or local police station.

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