50 Science General Knowledge Questions for Morning Assembly

Science GK Question

50 Fun and Challenging Science General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Morning Assembly (2023) Science Trivia for Morning Assembly: Daily School Morning assemblies are an excellent platform to impart knowledge and Create a sense of curiosity among students. This time can be made even more enlightening by introducing interesting science general knowledge questions. Let’s dive … Read more

World Blood Donor Day 2023 Quiz for Students

World Blood Donor Day 2023 Quiz for Students

World Blood Donar Day Quiz with Answers for Students Welcome to Shiksha Press. Here is an amazing quiz for students on World Blood Donation Day 2023. Calling all students! Are you ready to test your knowledge and learn more about World Blood Donation Day? Participating in blood donation quiz questions and answers will not only … Read more

English Grammar Conjunctions MCQ Quiz for Students

Conjunctions Quiz with Answers

English Grammar MCQs Quiz on Conjunctions for Students in English English Grammar Trivia: Welcome to Shiksha Press. If you want to check your knowledge of conjunctions then take part in this quiz. Here is an amazing quiz on conjunctions with answers. You can also check your score for checking your knowledge after submitting this identify … Read more

Pledge for Morning School Assembly in English

school assembly

Pledge for Morning School Assembly in English Morning assembly pledge in English Pledges to be taken during Morning Assembly We will always keep ourselves clean. We will wash our hands before taking food. We will always keep food and drinking water covered. We will keep the surroundings of our home and school clean. We will … Read more

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