NCERT issues Important Advisory for All School Authorities

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Advisory on Copyrights Infringement in use of Educational Materials designed and developed by NCERT

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NCERT issues advisory on Copyrights Infringement in use of Educational Materials designed and developed by it and requests stakeholders to honour the advisory in letter and spirit.

Copyright Infringement in Educational Materials developed by NCERT

New Delhi, India – April 7, 2024 – The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), an advisory body to the Govt. of India in the field of school education, has issued a stern warning against copyright infringement of its educational materials.

NCERT, responsible for developing and disseminating textbooks for all stages of school Education, has long been regarded as an authorised repository in educational teaching and learning resources.

It has come to the notice of NCERT that a few unscrupulous publishers are printing NCERT school textbooks which are available on NCERT website, under their own name without obtaining permission from NCERT.

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Anyone individual or entity who publishes for commercial sale, NCERT textbooks in whole or in part or uses the NCERT textbook content in such publication, without obtaining the copyright permission from NCERT, shall be proceeded against in accordance with the Copyright Act 1957.

The general public is requested to kindly stay away from such textbooks or workbooks as their content may be factually incorrect as well as against the basic philosophy of NCF 2023. Any individual who comes across such pirated textbooks or workbooks should immediately inform NCERT through email at

Any publisher desirous of using the name of NCERT in its publication should send a proposal to the Publication Division NCERT, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-16 or on email at

Rajesh Kumar, Dy, Secretary and I/c PRO Mobile No. 9811039346

For more information, please contact Rajesh Kumar, Deputy Secretary and In-charge Public Relations Officer, at Mobile No. 9811039346.

Key Takeaways:

  1. NCERT warns against copyright infringement of its educational materials.
  2. Stakeholders are urged to honour the advisory to prevent unauthorised use of NCERT resources.
  3. NCERT emphasizes the importance of respecting copyright laws to maintain the integrity of educational content.
  4. Individuals encountering pirated textbooks or workbooks are encouraged to report them to NCERT immediately.
  5. Publishers seeking to use NCERT’s name in their publications must obtain permission from the council.

Important FAQ’s Related to NCERT Warns against Copyright

What is the issue NCERT is addressing?
NCERT is addressing copyright infringement in its educational materials.

What action will be taken against unauthorized publishers?
Unauthorized publishers of NCERT textbooks will face legal action under the Copyright Act 1957.

How can the public help in combating this issue?
The public can inform NCERT via email at if they come across pirated textbooks or workbooks.

What should publishers do if they want to use NCERT’s name in their publications?
Publishers should send a proposal to Publication Division NCERT or email at

Who should be contacted for further inquiries?
For further inquiries, contact Rajesh Kumar, Deputy Secretary, and Acting PRO at 9811039346.

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