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English Grammar MCQs Quiz on Conjunctions for Students in English

English Grammar Trivia: Welcome to Shiksha Press. If you want to check your knowledge of conjunctions then take part in this quiz. Here is an amazing quiz on conjunctions with answers.

You can also check your score for checking your knowledge after submitting this identify the conjunction quiz. This conjunction test for students will help you in developing good grammar skills.

Taking a conjunction quiz is important for students because it helps them enhance their understanding and usage of conjunctions in English.

What are Conjunctions?

Conjunctions are words used to connect words, phrases, or clauses within a sentence. They help establish relationships between different parts of a sentence, such as adding information, showing contrast, providing alternatives, or indicating cause and effect.

Conjunctions are an essential part of sentence structure and play a significant role in creating coherent and meaningful sentences.

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Choose the right answer. 

#1. He wanted to go to the party, _______ he had too much homework.

#2. I want to go to the park, _______ it's raining outside.

#3. Which Conjunction is used to join two negative ideas?

#4. Put correct Conjunction in "I enjoy playing soccer, _______ I also like basketball".

#5. Would you like tea _______ coffee?

#6. Which Conjunction is used to join two similar ideas?

#7. Which Conjunction is used to show cause and effect?

#8. What is a Conjunction?

#9. I wanted to go to the park, __ it started raining.

#10. She is not only a great singer, _______ a talented dancer.

#11. She studied hard _______ she passed the exam.

#12. Which Conjunction is used to introduce an additional idea?

#13. I will study hard _______ I want to pass the exam.

#14. Which Conjunction is used to introduce alternatives?

#15. Which Conjunction is used to show a choice between two options?



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We hope you will like this English Grammer Quiz on Conjunctions for kids in English. This Online MCQ Quiz is to it helps them enhance their understanding and usage of conjunctions in English.

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Identify Conjunctions Quiz for Students

Here are a few reasons why conjunction quizzes are beneficial for students:

Reinforce Learning: Quizzes provide an opportunity for students to review and reinforce their knowledge of conjunctions.

By testing their understanding through quizzes, students can solidify their grasp of conjunctions and how they are used in sentences.

Enhance Sentence Structure: Conjunctions play a crucial role in connecting words, phrases, and clauses in a sentence.

By practicing conjunction quizzes, students learn how to create well-structured and cohesive sentences, leading to improved writing and communication skills.

Expand Vocabulary: Conjunction quizzes expose students to a variety of conjunctions and their different uses. This expands their vocabulary and enables them to express ideas more precisely and effectively.

Improve Comprehension: Conjunctions are used to join ideas and show relationships between different parts of a sentence.

By understanding and correctly using conjunctions, students can improve their comprehension skills as they navigate complex texts and understand how ideas are connected.

Here are some Questions and answers on Conjunctions

Conjunctions Quiz
Conjunctions Quiz

What are the types of Conjunctions?

There are different types of conjunctions, including:

1. Coordinating Conjunctions
2. Subordinating Conjunctions
3. Correlative Conjunctions

What are Coordinating Conjunctions?

Coordinating conjunctions, such as “and,” “but,” and “or,” connect words, phrases, or independent clauses of equal importance.

What are Subordinating Conjunctions?

Subordinating conjunctions, such as “because,” “although,” and “while,” introduce dependent clauses that rely on the main clause for meaning.

What are Correlative Conjunctions?

Correlative conjunctions, such as “either…or,” “neither…nor,” and “both…and,” are used in pairs to connect similar elements in a sentence.

Why Conjunctions are used?

Conjunctions are often used to join sentences, clauses, or words within a sentence, enhancing the flow and clarity of the writing.

They help express complex relationships and ideas, providing a cohesive structure to the overall meaning of a sentence or text.

What are examples of Coordinating Conjunctions?

1. I like coffee, but I prefer tea.
2. He is tall and athletic.
3. You can have cake or ice cream for dessert.

What are examples of Subordinating Conjunctions?

1. I will go to the movies if I finish my homework.
2. She studied hard because she wanted to pass the exam.
3. We will stay indoors since it’s raining outside.

What are examples of Correlative Conjunctions?

1. Either you come with us, or you stay here.
2. Neither the team captain nor the coach was satisfied with the performance.
3. Both my sister and I enjoy playing musical instruments.

Summary of Post

Looking for a conjunction quiz PDF? We have got you covered! Our conjunction quiz is designed for students of all ages, including class 5, class 6, class 7, and class 8. So Test your knowledge with our conjunction test with answers and conjunctions quiz multiple choice questions.

If you are a student or a teacher than our english grammar quiz is a great way to practice and improve your understanding of conjunctions. Participate in conjunctions quiz with answers today!

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