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NCERT CIET Online Training on “Development of e-Content: Interactive Resources” For Teachers and Students

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Government-Certified Online Training from NCERT CIET – Enroll Now!

The National Education Policy 2020, in clause 23.6, tasks states and institutions like NCERT, CIET, CBSE, and NIOS with creating teaching materials in regional languages for the DIKSHA platform.

The 2023 budget supports this by funding digital content under the Digital India program, promoting fair and inclusive education. Clause 6.2.5 stresses ensuring equal educational opportunities for children with special needs, focusing on interactive e-content in various formats.

This initiative aims to empower students and teachers nationwide, fostering an environment conducive to educational advancement and personal growth.

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Enhancing Online Learning: NCERT CIET’s Interactive e-Content Development Training

NCERT CIET’s online training focuses on using interactive resources to make learning more engaging and effective. These resources, including quizzes, games, and simulations, move beyond traditional text and images to offer dynamic experiences that actively involve learners.

They help students understand better by encouraging them to engage, explore, and think critically. Personalization is a key feature, allowing students to learn at their own pace and receive feedback that’s specific to their needs. Real-life simulations make learning practical, and collaboration tools support learning with peers, building a sense of community. Instant feedback helps students reflect and adjust how they learn.

NCERT CIET training also uses multimodal learning to cater to different learning styles and continuous assessment to track progress and provide focused support. By using these interactive tools, teachers can create immersive learning experiences that align with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, improving the overall quality and effectiveness of online education.

NCERT CIET Training Schedule

CIET-NCERT is conducting a special online seminar series on ‘Development of e-Content,’ scheduled every last week of the month, from Monday to Friday, between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

This initiative aims to guide stakeholders in creating effective e-content. In December, as part of this ongoing series, they are hosting a five-hour seminar focused on “Development of e-Content: Interactive Resources.”

This seminar, planned from the 25th to the 29th of December 2023, will provide comprehensive training on how to develop interactive and engaging digital learning materials. The session will explore the what, why, and how of interactive resources, making it an essential learning opportunity for those involved in e-content development.

Objective of NCERT CIET Training

After completion of the training series, the learner will be able to:

  • Explain the basic principles and best practices for developing interactive e-content.
  • Identify different types of interactive resources
  • Apply instructional design models to design interactive resources
  • Create interactive activities in a variety of formats using authoring software
  • Implement features like alt text, captions, and keyboard navigation
  • Consider cultural diversity and inclusivity when designing interactive e-content.
Day and Date Session Title Resource Person Name
Day 1: Monday – 25 December 2023 Interactive Resources: Concept, Design, Need and Scope Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandagale, Associate Professor<br>Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal (M.P.)
Day 2: Tuesday – 26 December 2023 FOSS to develop interactive resources with special reference to LUMI Dr. Mohammed Mamoor Ali, Assoc. Prof. Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Day 3: Wednesday – 27 December 2023 Development of Image Based Interactive Resources Mr. Manoj Kaushik, Major Educational, Department of Technology, SCERT, Haryana
Day 4: Thursday – 28 December 2023 Development of course presentation Dr. Om Singh Chundawat, Principal, HAL New Public School, Bangalore
Day 5: Friday – 29 December 2023 Development of interactive videos Dr. Ajita Deshmukh,Program Leader – M.Sc. e-learning,MIT-ADT University, Pune

This table provides a detailed schedule of the CIET-NCERT online seminar series on ‘Development of e-Content,’ listing the session titles and resource persons for each day.

How to participate in NCERT CIET Training?

Step 1: Registration: Register yourself for the NCERT CIET online training by clicking on the link or scan the QR code.

Step 2: Watch Live Training Session:

Attend the NCERT CIET training session, telecast live from 25-29 December 2023 at 4:00-5:00 pm (Monday to Friday) on NCERT’s official YouTube channel – It will also be broadcast live on:

  • PM E-Vidya Channel #6-12
  • DD Free Dish Channel
  • Dish TV Channel #2027-2033
  • Jio TV mobile app If you miss the live session, watch the recording on the playlist link, updated on the event page on 25th December 2023.

Step 3: Participation in Post-Session Activity and Certification:

Complete the post-session quiz, scoring 70% or above to receive a certificate. The quiz link will be updated on the event page on 29th December 2023 at 5 PM.

  • Evaluation start date: 29 December 2023, till 05:30 pm
  • Evaluation Closing Date: 08 January 2024, 05:30 PM Participants can attempt the quiz once.

Those scoring 70% and above will receive a certificate of participation on their registered email ID within 30 days of taking the quiz. Check spam mail if not found in these boxes.

Post-session questions related to non-issuance of certificates will be considered only after 30 days from the date of commencement of evaluation (i.e., 08th February, 2024) and should be sent to

Step 4: Send your feedback:

Provide feedback on the NCERT CIET training using or by scanning the QR code. This feedback will help improve future online training sessions. Confidentiality of your answers will be ensured.

For any queries, email or call 8800440559.

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