Essay on Fighter Jet Mig 21 for Students

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Essay on Fighter Jet MiG-21 | Soviet aircraft

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Let’s Read an essay on fighter jet Mig 21 for students and children in English.

The MiG-21 considered the world’s most modern fighter plane in the 1960s, has completed 60 years in India. The MIG-21 fighter aircraft, which has been supporting India in every war for 6 decades, will say goodbye to the Indian Army.

In the next few years, all the MIG-21 aircraft of the Indian Air Force will be retired in a systematic manner. Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary on Thursday celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of the supersonic aircraft by flying in a formation of 14 MiG-29 aircraft.

In its last feat, the same Russian aircraft shot down a Pakistani F-16 during the Balakot strike. After completing sixty years of age, now the time has come for the departure of the Russian fighter aircraft MiG variant from the Indian Air Force.

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Mig 21 was incorporated in 1963

The MiG-21, the first supersonic aircraft that joined the Indian Air Force fleet in March 1963, has now completed 60 years. The heroes of the 1971 war who upgraded over the years to perform multiple combat roles continue to serve the nation today.

Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary, Chief of the Air Staff and Air Marshal PM Sinha, Commanding-in-Chief, Western Air Command, fly in a formation of 14 MiG-29 aircraft to celebrate 60 years of IAF’s 28 Squadron ‘First Supersonics’ Diamond Jubilee .

Air Chief Marshal Chowdhary commanded the ‘First Supersonics’ squadron from 2001 to 2003. Upgraded over the years to perform multiple combat roles, this Russian aircraft continues to serve the nation today.

The First Supersonic Fighter Jet

The Indian Air Force opted to purchase the MiG-21 in 1960, among several other Western competitors. In return for this deal, the Soviet Union transferred technology to India.

By 1963, the IAF had a fleet of over 1,200 aircraft in service. In 1964 the MiG-21 became the first supersonic fighter jet with the Indian Air Force.

The Russian company built a total of 11,496 MiG-21s, of which 840 aircraft were made in India. India first used this aircraft in the 1965 war with Pakistan.

Mig has Great Combat Experience

The Indian Air Force gained valuable experience while operating the MiG-21 during the war. The MiG-21’s capabilities were once again tested during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.

This 1971 war saw the first supersonic dogfight in the subcontinent. Meanwhile, in the eastern sector, MiG-21s launched a final attack on the Governor’s House in Dacca, forcing the troops to surrender.

The performance of India’s MiG-21 in this war was so great that later many nations including Iraq approached India for MiG-21 pilot training. By the 1970s, India trained over 120 Iraqi pilots.

An important role during the Balakot strike

The MiG-21 once again hit the headlines when Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman of the Indian Air Force shot down a Pakistani F-16 with the same aircraft during the Balakot strike on February 27, 2019.

First Woman Fighter Pilot of MiG-21

India’s first woman fighter pilot Flight Lieutenant Avani Chaturvedi created history by flying a MiG-21 solo in the year 2018.

Avani Chaturvedi was the first woman fighter pilot in the country to do such a feat. Avani Chaturvedi, who had a passion to become a fighter pilot, achieved this position after long and difficult training.

During her training days, she flew with an associate pilot for a long time but after the year 2018, she started flying MiG-21 alone.

Upgraded MiG-21 Bison

The Russian company upgraded its last MiG-21 to the MiG Bison in 1985 after having built 11,496 MiG-21s. This refined model addressed many of the shortcomings of the earlier MiG-21 variants.

After this, the Russian company also upgraded the remaining 54 MiG-21 aircraft with the Indian Air Force as MiG-21 Bison. Hence the MiG-21 of the Indian Air Force was upgraded to the ‘Mig-21 Bison’.

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