Essay on Chandigarh City in English for Students

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Chandigarh City Essay in English

Hello students, Today’s Essay is on Chandigarh, the Capital of Punjab and Haryana in the English language. In this post, we will Explore the Charming Chandigarh, the shared capital of Punjab and Haryana, with our collection of informative posts.
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If you’re searching for a short essay, a paragraph, or a few lines on Chandigarh, you are at the right blog. This Essay will give you a better knowledge of this vibrant Chandigarh city by highlighting its notable sites and revealing details about its rich cultural past.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for an English language Essay, we have got you covered with essays and 10-line descriptions. So, let’s read an essay on Chandigarh, known for its tourism and the title “Essay Paragraph on City Beautiful.”

Essay on Chandigarh City in English for Students

Chandigarh is a great example of modern art. The construction of the city started in 1952 AD. The map of Chandigarh was prepared by the French engineer Le Corbusier. Its open roads, large squares and beautiful buildings are all examples of modern art.

  • Area: 114 sq km
  • Population (Census 2011): 1,055,450
  • No. of District: 01
  • No. of Municipality: 01
  • No. of Sub-Divisions: 03

In 1948, the governments of Punjab and India decided to build a new capital in the foothills of the Shivaliks. The city site was part of the Ambala district according to a gazetteer from 1892-93.

The foundation of Chandigarh was laid in 1952. Later, when Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh were reorganized in 1966, the city became the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. It was declared a Union Territory and under the direct control of the Central Government.

All its buildings are built in a planned manner. Its three major buildings—the Legislative Assembly Building, the High Court and the Secretariat—are the cause of special attraction.

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Major functions of the Punjab government are conducted in these three buildings. As laws are made in the legislature. Laws are enforced in the Secretariat and the High Court is committed to complying with these laws.

Chandigarh is divided into sectors. It currently has 48 sectors. Each sector has its own market, school, hospital, post office etc.

The bus stand here has been built in sectors 3 and 17. Sataran sector area is the most congested area. In fact, all Punjab government offices are located in seventeen sectors.

People from all corners of Punjab come here to get their work done. Because of this, people keep coming here. The city also has an international airport.

There are many places to visit in Chandigarh. These places add a lot to the beauty of Chandigarh. Its Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Sukhna-Jheel, and Liar Valley are all places of special attraction in terms of beauty.

The rock garden is a masterpiece of an artist named Nek Chand who created it by collecting waste materials. There are many types of roses blooming in the rose garden. The scenery of Sukhna-Jheel is different. By the way, it is always crowded but on Saturdays and Sundays, it is a sight to behold.

It’s like a fair here. Children are seen walking in boats in the lake. Now many restaurants have also been built here for eating and drinking.

There are many educational institutions in Chandigarh. Students from all over the country come to study at Panjabi University here. P. G. I. There is a huge medical research centre called. Every disease is treated here. Apart from this, there are many schools and colleges in the city which are great beacons of education.

Chandigarh city is a pollution-free city. The railway station and the industrial area here are just outside the city. Because of this, there is no trace of smoke from the factories.

Similarly, the sewage system here is very good. No matter how much it rains, water can never stand on the roads. The greenery here, trees and plants absorb the pollution.

Summary – Basically Chandigarh is a very beautiful city. There is little to praise it. It is famous in the country and abroad because of its beauty. Tourists from abroad prefer to stay in Chandigarh.

FAQs Related to Chandigarh City

What is Chandigarh known for?

Chandigarh is Famous as a clean city. It is the capital of two Indian states Punjab and Haryana. It is also famous for its architecture, greenery and cleanliness.

Who designed Chandigarh?

Chandigarh City was designed by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier.

What is the best time to visit Chandigarh?

The best time to visit Chandigarh is between October to March, Then you will get the weather to be pleasant and cool.

How do I Reach Chandigarh?

Chandigarh can be reached by air, rail and road. It has its own airport named Chandigarh International Airport, as well as a railway station that connects it to major cities in India. It is also well connected by road to nearby cities and states.

What are the popular tourist attractions in Chandigarh?

Some popular famous tourist attractions in Chandigarh include the Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, and Capitol Complex.

What is the official language of Chandigarh?

Hindi, Punjabi, and English are the official and communicative languages of Chandigarh.

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