Essay: My Unforgettable Journey with My New Pet

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The Heartwarming Tale of Adopting Scooby

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One day, as I was going to the market, I saw a pet shop. The pets looked so cute. I wished to have a cute dog. So, I asked for permission from my parents, and I was very happy.

I bought the cute one. When I returned to my house, my parents were also very happy. They told me that I had chosen the best one. I said, ‘Yes.’ My family and I enjoyed that day, and we celebrated its birthday.

We cut a cake. I bought it on June 25, 2024. My pet is white. It is a dog, and its name is Scooby. It is male. I bought Pedigree for it. It likes that. It also likes biscuits. My parents play with Scooby sometimes.

When there is a public function, it goes with us. All the dogs play with it when I go out with Scooby. But there is a cat in my neighborhood who is afraid of Scooby. However, my dog does nothing to the cat.

And I take so many pics with it. When my other friends come to my house, they are very happy to see them. My friend plays with Scooby and bought a soft ball for Scooby.

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My other neighbors also bought a new pet dog. So, my cute Scooby started playing with it. That dog is also male, so they became best friends. I teach my dog commands like sitting, standing, rolling, etc.

And I was shocked and very, very happy because when I tried to give the order to sit, it really sat down. Then, I went to my parents and told them that they should also try; my parents were very happy.

But one day, while Scooby and I were out, some bad dogs came and attacked it. But thank God, I had a stick. I came back to my house, started my story, and went to the veterinarian.

He said that they were going to perform an operation. I was very sad. After the operation, the doctor said that I have to bathe it every day so that the germs will be removed from its body.

I said, ‘Ok,’ and thanked the doctor. I was very sad that day. After some days, my lovely Scooby again had a healthy and strong body. I called the dog catcher; they took away the harmful and dangerous dogs.

I always thank God for saving my pet dog. And I pray to God that such a thing never happens again.

Written By Manvi Yadav, Class 4B, St. Joseph’s Convent School

Find These Answers from Above Post 

  1. How did I decide to adopt a pet?
  2. What were the first steps I took after bringing Scooby home?
  3. How did Scooby and I overcome the attack from other dogs?
  4. What daily care routines helped Scooby recover after the operation?
  5. How has Scooby’s presence impacted our family life?

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