Essay on Pollution in English for Students 

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Essay on Pollution in English for Students 

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You can also get essay on pollution in English, essay on pollution in 250 words in English, essay on pollution in 200 words in English or essay on pollution in 100 words in English from this page. Apart from this, you can also read Essay on Environment Pollution, Essay on Air Pollution, Essay on Water Pollution, Essay on Noise Pollution, Essay on Soil Pollution.

As the world embraced urbanisation, Mother Nature took the heavy burden of watching the greener lands transforming into modern cities and metropolises. What happened is a trail of natural disasters, whether it’s a landslide or a wildfire, giving us signals that something is wrong with planet Earth. Working in mysterious ways that often may not catch the naked eye, pollution is a dangerous phenomenon potentially contributing to an array of health issues. As this is a prevalent environmental concern, it is increasingly asked under the writing section in school and college tests as well as in competitive exams. The purpose of this blog on Pollution Essay in English is to help you with essential knowledge as well as tips and tricks to prepare Essay on Pollution in English.

Introduction to Essay on Pollution:

When undesirable elements dissolve in air, water, soil, etc., make it dirty to such an extent that it starts affecting the health adversely, then it is called pollution. Pollution creates natural imbalance. At the same time, it is also a danger bell for human life.

An important part of Pollution Essay in English is the types of pollution:

1.  Air Pollution

Essay on Pollution in English–  Air pollution is considered to be the most dangerous pollution, the main reason for this pollution is the smoke from industries and vehicles. The harmful smoke emanating from these sources also creates a hindrance in breathing for the people. Day by day growing industries and vehicles have increased the air pollution significantly. Which has created many health problems related to bronchitis and lungs.

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2. Water Pollution

The waste from industries and households sometimes gets mixed in rivers and other water sources, due to which it pollutes them. Our rivers, once considered clean and holy, have become home to many diseases today because of the large amount of plastic material, chemical waste and many other types of non-biodegradable waste have been found.

3. Land Pollution

Industrial and domestic waste that is not disposed of in water remains scattered on the ground. Although many attempts are made to recycle and reuse it, but no significant success is achieved in this. Due to such land pollution, mosquitoes, flies and other insects start growing in it, which causes many diseases in humans and other organisms.

4.Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is caused by loud machines running in factories and other loud noise machines. Along with this, vehicles on the road, the noise generated due to bursting of firecrackers, loudspeakers also increase in noise pollution. Noise pollution is the main cause of mental stress in humans, which has many side effects on the brain as well as reduces hearing power.

5. Light Pollution

Light pollution is caused by producing excessive and excessive light in an area. Light pollution arises from the excessive use of lighting objects in urban areas. Objects that produce too much light without need increase light pollution, causing many problems.

6. Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive pollution refers to the pollution which is generated in the atmosphere by unwanted radioactive elements. Radioactive pollution is generated by the explosion and testing of weapons, mining etc. Along with this, the components generated in the form of waste in nuclear power stations also increase radioactive pollution.

7. Thermal Pollution

Water is used as a coolant in many industries, which is the main reason for thermal pollution. Due to this, aquatic organisms have to deal with problems like temperature change and lack of oxygen in the water.

8. Visible Pollution

Man-made objects that affect our vision come under visual pollution such as bill boards, antennas, garbage cans, electric poles, towers, wires, vehicles, multi-storey buildings, etc.

Short Essay on Pollution in English | Essay on pollution in English in 100 words

Types of pollution – Pollution is a mixture of harmful and toxic elements in all the natural resources found on this earth. Pollution disturbs the natural life cycle and it also affects the normal life of all species on this earth. We can divide pollution into many different types, such as noise pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution etc.

How to avoid pollution?

The air in which we are breathing every moment, that air is now causing many disorders of our lungs. Similarly, mixing of germs, viruses, harmful chemicals etc. in drinking water also causes soil and water pollution. To eliminate pollution, first we have to find out the harmful effects of pollution and follow all the rules and measures that the government has implemented. Apart from this, to stop pollution, we have to use less and less vehicles and plant more and more trees.

Essay on Pollution in English | Essay on pollution in English in 200 words

Essay on pollution in English in 200 words
Essay on pollution in English in 200 words

Essay on Pollution in English 200 in words

What is pollution?

We are all concerned about the fact that pollution has become a serious problem in our country. The problem of pollution has increased more in big cities. Pollution has become so dominant on the people living in the cities that now it has started spoiling their health as well. That is why in view of the increasing pollution in the cities, now it has become very important to spread awareness about pollution among the people there. Pollution is harming not only humans but all natural things like trees, plants, animals, air, water, soil, food and drink etc. The natural events, disasters, epidemics etc. which show their wrath from time to time, it would not be wrong to blame pollution only for that.

Effects and prevention of pollution – Due to pollution, nature and environment are facing a lot of damage. The adverse effects of pollution can be seen on all the natural things in the world. There is also an imbalance in nature due to pollution. Many reasons have given rise to pollution together. The reason for the continuous reduction of forests and trees is also the biggest reason for pollution. If we want to reduce pollution, then we have to win over pollution by planting more and more trees. To reduce pollution, we have to save our villages, prevent the loss of greenery there and save pure air and water from contamination. With these small efforts, we will be able to fulfill our dream of eliminating pollution.

Essay on Pollution in English | Essay on pollution in English in 250 words

Essay on pollution in English in 250 words
Essay on pollution in English in 250 words

Essay on pollution in English in 250 words

How does pollution happen?

We all are told one thing in our childhood that we get oxygen from plants. It is because of oxygen that we live and breathe. But even after this, the cases of deforestation are increasing continuously and are responsible for increasing all types of pollution. By pollution, we mean the contamination or deterioration of air, water and soil, which gives rise to pollution.

Damages of pollution – Today due to pollution, all things like greenery, pure air, pure food, pure water etc. are becoming impure. The biotic and abiotic components that make up our environment are the ones that are most at risk today. Nature is suffering the most due to pollution. Undesirable substances dissolve in air, water and soil making it dirty and contaminating. These elements are harming nature and humans as well as animals, animals and birds, trees and plants, rivers, forests, mountains etc. Pollution is posing serious threats to human life. We have to eliminate pollution while rectifying the damage we have caused to the environment as soon as possible.

Pollution causes and prevention – There are many different causes of pollution, including felling of trees, growing industries, factories, machines, etc. The biggest reason for pollution is the rapid increase in population. Due to all these reasons, the level of pollution has increased significantly in the last several years. It is responsible for increasing all types of pollution like air, water, soil, noise etc. Due to pollution, we are also facing natural calamities like earthquake, flood, storm etc. To reduce pollution, we have to plant more and more trees and keep cleanliness around us. With these small efforts, we can make an important contribution in reducing pollution.

Conclusion :

Essay on Pollution– As soon as we hear the word pollution, different types of questions start swirling in our mind and we get so worried that now we will definitely find some solution to this problem. Our country has always been facing serious problems like natural disasters, global pandemics, pollution etc. Pollution has become a serious problem in cities. Pollution has so dominated the cities that now for the people living there, getting out of it is equivalent to escaping alive from the lion’s cage.

From this page, you can learn about the Essay on Pollution in English, Meaning of Pollution, What is Pollution, Types of Pollution, Damage caused by Pollution, Prevention of Pollution, etc. The main purpose of our article “Essay on Pollution in English” is to reach correct and all information related to pollution among our readers, so that you can take the issue like pollution seriously and become aware. Apart from this, students studying in school and college can also participate in essay competitions by taking help from our article on this pollution.

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