Essay On Annual Sports Day For Students

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Introduction of Annual Sports Day Event in School

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Sports day in school essay in English

Being healthy is very important for human life. A healthy life is the success of human life. To be healthy, it is very important for human life to be active. This healthy life comes more through sports. Not only physical development but also mental development is done through sports. That is why it is more important to have sports in the life of all people whether they are students or other people.

Annual sports event in school / Annual Sports Day of our school

importance of sports day essay: Sports are an essential part of the school curriculum. They contribute to the physical and mental development of the students. Many sports are played in schools. This annual sports event gives students the opportunity to learn the sport they love. There are sports coaches to help the students. Annual sports competitions are organized at the end of the academic session. All winners are rewarded and encouraged.

Inauguration/start of annual sports Day Event in school

Annual sports events are held in the school in the month of October, about two weeks in advance, its preparation starts. Preparations include cleaning the field, decorating the stage, marking the grounds according to all the games, preparing a room for a general practitioner, etc. The room for the general doctor (doctor) is prepared because if a student gets injured during the game, then he should be treated soon so that the student’s condition does not become serious due to delay. Boys and girls of all classes take part in it. Students are given extra time to prepare for the Annual Sports competition.

Annual Sports Day celebrations are organized every year in all the schools. On the first day of the Annual Sports Day, competitions of 100 meters run, 400 meters races, 1000 meters races, relay (group) races, long jumps, high jumps and shot throws are held. All the participants are excited and energetic. Different parts of the school playground are earmarked for different games. The whole ground is full of students. In one part, breakfast and medical aid are available for the players.

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The second day’s schedule is for the final matches of Badminton, Tennis, Chess, Basketball and Volleyball. All matches are very interesting. All the students, teachers enjoy the fun game throughout the day. A friendly kabaddi match is held on the third day. All the players perform well on the annual sports day.

Awarded to the winner

Finally, the prize-distribution ceremony takes place. Prizes are awarded to the top-ranked players in all sports. Students, as well as their families, are invited to the function. The parents are very happy to see their children being honored with the award.

The school principal was very happy with the performance of the players. Every year some students from the school are selected at the state level. After the end of the annual sports, two days holiday is announced for all the students. This makes all the students very happy. The annual sports festival fills every student with new energy.

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