CBSE Announces Major Changes to Board Exams, Students to Study 2 Languages

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CBSE’s New Exam Policy: Twice a Year Exams, 2 Languages for Class 11th and 12th

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CBSE to Conduct Board Exams Twice a Year, Class 11th and 12th Students. Read More

CBSE Board Exam 2024: For the last few days, board exams 2024 are in headlines. According to the new curriculum framework of the Ministry of Education, board examinations will be conducted twice a year from now on by all state boards including CBSE, CISCE board.

CBSE Board Exam 2024: Major Changes Announced!

In a transformative move, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and other state boards have revamped the examination framework for the academic year 2024. The shift follows the new National Curriculum Framework (NCF) proposed by the Ministry of Education.

CBSE Latest News: Two Examinations Per Year

Board examinations will now occur twice yearly across all boards, including the CBSE and CISCE. This initiative provides students an opportunity to present their best performance, as they can retain the better of the two scores. Contrary to prior speculations, these Board Examinations won’t be divided term-wise. The primary aim behind this is to give students an additional chance each year to excel in their board exams.

Diverse Subject Selection and Emphasis on Languages

The traditional constraint compelling class 11 and 12 students to select a specific stream has been discarded. Now, under the revamped guidelines, students possess the freedom to pick subjects resonating with their interests. Furthermore, a significant change has been made in the language policy.

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It mandates students in class 11th and 12th to study two languages, ensuring at least one is an Indian language. This alteration aligns with the essence of the new education policy, aiming to preserve and promote Indian languages.

Presently, depending on the board’s curriculum, students had the liberty to opt from Science, Commerce, Arts, or Vocational streams. However, with the inception of the new curriculum, the focus has pivoted towards understanding and efficiency over rote learning and extensive coaching. The objective is to evaluate the real potential and comprehension of the students rather than their memorization skills.

The NCF clearly mentions, “Board exams will be offered at least twice a year. Students can then appear for board exams in the subjects they are well-prepared in, allowing them flexibility and better chances at success.”

Words from the Union Education Minister

During the joint workshop of the National Curriculum Framework Review and NSTC Committee, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan shed light on the ongoing efforts to revolutionize the education system.

Education Minister emphasized that the new syllabus, sculpted under the guidance of Kasturirangan, aligns with the goals of the New Education Policy. It’s now in the hands of NCERT. To ensure the curriculum remains relevant and contemporary, two committees have been established by the NCERT: the National Inspection Committee and the National Curriculum and Textbook Committee (NSTC).

These committees aim to curate a syllabus that echoes the needs of the 21st century while staying true to Indian ethos.


The forthcoming academic structure, as outlined by the Ministry of Education and NCERT following the directives of the NCF, looks promising in terms of broadening the scope for students and making board exams less strenuous. As “Board Exam 2024” approaches, it is evident that students will experience a more flexible, inclusive, and student-friendly educational environment.

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