CBSE Announces Registration for SAFAL Assessment Till July 5

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Register for CBSE’s August Assessment: Check the Details!

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Welcome to Shiksha Press. In this post you will get to know about Register for CBSE‘s August Assessment.

Exciting News for Schools and Students!

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the Structured Assessment for Analyzing Learning (SAFAL) for 5th and 8th class students. The registration for this assessment is open until July 5.

Detail Information
Registration Deadline July 5
5th Class Assessment Dates July 30 – August 6
8th Class Assessment Dates August 20 – 22
Activities for Hindi Schools August 20 – 28
Subjects Covered English, Hindi, Science, Maths, EVS
Contact for More Info 8800440559

What is SAFAL?

SAFAL is an assessment designed to evaluate the competency of students in various subjects including English, Hindi, Science, Maths, and EVS. This initiative helps to measure the performance of both students and schools, providing valuable data on their competence.

When Will the Assessments Be Held?

5th Class: Papers in EVS, Maths, and Languages will be conducted from July 30 to August 6.

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8th Class: The assessment is scheduled from August 20 to 22.

Activities for Hindi Medium Schools: These will take place from August 20 to 28, involving 671 schools.

How Will the Assessment Be Conducted?

1. No extra classes will be required for this competency-based test.

2. Individual reports for students will not be provided to schools to avoid any undue pressure or actions against students.

3. Schools will also not have their reports made public.

What Responsibilities Do Schools Have?

School heads must ensure that the assessment is conducted smoothly while adhering to all SOPs. The data for all students in classes V and VIII for the 2023-24 session must be accurately filled.

How Will This Benefit Students and Schools?

By participating in SAFAL, schools can gain insights into their overall performance and competence. Students can benefit from a clear understanding of their learning levels.

Where to Find More Information?

For further details, visit the NCERT MOOCs on Swayam or contact the helpdesk at or call 8800440559.

Why Should Schools Register for SAFAL?

Accurate Competency Evaluation: Get a clear picture of student and school performance.

Comprehensive Subject Coverage: Assessments in English, Hindi, Science, Maths, and EVS.

Ease of Participation: No extra classes required, simple registration process.

Confidential Reporting: Individual student reports are not shared with schools to prevent undue pressure.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a comprehensive and insightful assessment process. Register by July 5 to ensure your school’s involvement in SAFAL!

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