CBSE Launches ‘Jadui Pitara’ for Engaging Pre-primary Education

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Jadui Pitara: Playful Learning and Balvatika Guidelines

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‘Jadui Pitara’ – a play-based learning-teaching material tailored for children between the age group of 3-8 years and Guidelines for Balvatikas (Pre-primary Education).

Introduction to Jadui Pitara

The government launched Jaadui Pitara (JP) on February 20, 2023. This move shows their dedication to improving education. JP aims to make learning fun and engaging for kids. It matches the 2022 National Curriculum Framework for the Foundational Stage. This resource supports play-based teaching. It meets the varied needs of young learners.

Aligning with National Education Policy

Jadui Pitara is packed with fun learning tools. It includes toys, games, puzzles, puppets, flashcards, and story cards. All these are part of the 2022 National Curriculum Framework for the Foundational Stage.

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This initiative supports the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. It aims for overall growth. This includes physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language, and creative areas.

Digital Version: e-Jaadui Pitara

The new e-Jaadui Pitara brings learning online. It’s first available for Android users. You can also access it through a browser. Soon, it will be available for iOS users too.

This app offers more than 1,000 stories in various languages. It also includes interactive AI bots. These bots help students, teachers, and parents. This digital move expands educational resources to more people. It adapts to the changing digital world.

Implementation of Jadui Pitara in Schools

CBSE has asked all affiliated schools to add Jadui Pitara to their early childhood education, called Balvatikas. Schools should set up special areas for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). They should use the fun tools from Jadui Pitara in these spaces.

The e-Jaadui Pitara (e-JP) app is now available. It’s designed for Android users but can also be accessed via a browser at Soon, it will be ready for iOS users too.

This app is rich with over 1,000 stories in various languages. It features three artificial intelligence bots:

  1. Katha Sakhi: Your storytelling friend who brings magical tales to life.
  2. Teacher Tara: A guide offering tips and resources for educators.
  3. Parent Tara: A companion providing support and fun activities for parents.

For those without a smartphone, e-JP’s IVRS service is a solution. It works on old mobile phones with buttons. You can call toll-free at 18002120173 / 15108. This service makes e-JP accessible without needing a computer or smartphone

Resources and Accessibility

CBSE has shared links to promotional videos, audio jingles, and pre-school education guidelines. These resources help implement the Jadui Pitara Initiative effectively. They support educators and parents. The goal is to boost foundational learning and skills in young learners.

Key Takeaways: Unlocking Magic in Education

On February 20, 2023, the government unveiled ‘Jaadui Pitara’ (JP), a play-based learning material for 3-8-year-olds.

  • JP aligns with the National Curriculum Framework, promoting a vibrant and enjoyable learning experience.

Comprehensive Learning Domains :

  • JP focuses on five critical domains: physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, language and literacy, and aesthetic and cultural.
  • This rich resource includes toys, games, puzzles, puppets, posters, and more, catering to diverse foundational learners.

Alignment with National Education Policy (NEP) 2020

  • A significant stride towards aligning educational content with children’s perspectives, supporting the NEP 2020 vision.
  • Acknowledges the need for additional content and strategies to fulfill all Learning Outcomes and Competencies.

e-Jaadui Pitara: A Digital Marvel :

  • The e-JP app, developed for Android users, boasts over 1,000 stories in multiple languages.
  • Three AI bots – Katha Sakhi, Teacher Tara, and Parent Tara – bring stories to life, guide educators, and support parents.

Accessibility and Future Developments:

  • e-JP’s IVRS interface, available on a toll-free number, caters to users with basic mobile phones.
  • Plans for iOS accessibility in the future, ensuring wider reach and inclusivity.

Call to Action for CBSE-Affiliated Schools :

  • Principals urged to disseminate e-JP information among teachers and stakeholders.
  • Encouragement to download the app, incorporating JP in Balvatikas for effective early childhood education.
  • CBSE-affiliated schools planning Balvatikas advised to consult NCERT’s Guidelines for Pre-School Education.
  • Emphasizes creating dedicated, age-appropriate spaces and using NIPUN and JP logos for enhanced visibility.

Important Links for e-Jaadui Pitara

Content Link
Promo Video of e-Jaadui Pitara 1 Watch Video
Promo Video of e-Jaadui Pitara 2 Watch Video
e-Jadui Pitara Audio Jingle 1 Listen Jingle
e-Jadui Pitara Audio Jingle 2 Listen Jingle
e-Jadui Pitara Jingle 3 Listen Jingle
Links to download e-JP:
Google Play Store Download App
Telegram Bot Access on Telegram
WhatsApp Chat on WhatsApp

Remember, e-Jaadui Pitara is a digital tool available for Android and through browsers. It will soon be available for iOS users. The app offers over 1,000 stories in various languages and includes AI bots for children, teachers, and parents. For those without a computer or smartphone, e-JP’s IVRS service is accessible toll-free at 18002120173 / 15108.

Call to Action for Schools

The CBSE has asked principals and school heads to promote e-Jadui Pitara. They should encourage everyone to use it. This will make learning more fun and complete for pre-primary students.

In summary, CBSE’s launch of Jadui Pitara is a big move to improve early childhood education in India. The initiative helps build a strong base for young learners. It creates a world of curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning. It uses new and interactive tools.

Read CBSE Official Circular related to : Jadui Pitara’ Guidelines for Balvatikas (Pre-primary Education).

Most Important FAQs:

Question: What is Jadui Pitara?

Jadui Pitara is a collection of play-based educational materials for children aged 3-8, aligned with the NCF-FS 2022.

Question: Who can use Jadui Pitara?

Jadui Pitara is designed for early childhood education for children between the ages of 3-8 years.

Question: Is there a digital version of Jadui Pitara?

Yes, e-Jaadui Pitara is available as an app for Android users and through browser access, with iOS availability planned for the future.

Question: What resources are available in Jadui Pitara?

Jadui Pitara includes toys, games, puzzles, puppets, flashcards, and more, available in 13 languages.

Question: How can schools integrate Jadui Pitara into their curriculum?

Schools are encouraged to develop dedicated spaces for ECCE and use Jadui Pitara’s resources to meet learning outcomes and competencies.

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