Tsunami Quiz: Tsunami Awareness Quiz For Students

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Tsunami Awareness Quiz For Students

Facts About Tsunami! Trivia Questions Quiz. Test your Knowledge and you will come to know how much you know about these walls of water. 

What is Tsunami?

Tsunami Awareness Day: When the earth shakes, an earthquake occurs, and when the same earthquake occurs in the ocean, it becomes a tsunami. That is, a storm that rises in the sea is called a tsunami. A sea storm is called a tsunami in Japan. In Japanese, ‘su’ means sea and ‘nami’ means waves. Japan is considered the most vulnerable to tsunamis in the world. The tsunami has wreaked havoc in Japan about 200 times so far.

When there is a strong movement in the womb of the sea, then the high waves of the sea engulf the shores of the sea. However, even when there is a tide in the sea, high waves rise in the sea. The reason for the tides in the ocean is the effect of the gravity of the moon, sun, and planets.

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We hope you would like this General Knowledge about Tsunami Online MCQ Quiz on World Tsunami Awareness Day to raise awareness among students. Share and Challenge your friends to score more than you with this Online Quiz about Tsunami Awareness Day. You can find more General Knowledge Quizzes with answers on this website. 

World Awareness Tsunami Day

World Awareness Tsunami Day is celebrated all over the world on 5th November every year, this day has great importance all over the world. World Tsunami Awareness Day is celebrated every year on 5 November by the United Nations to spread awareness about natural disasters. Read More About World Awareness Tsunami Day

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