Navratri Quiz Contest 2024 in English with Answers

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Navratri Quiz in English with Answers

Welcome to Shiksha Press. In this post you will have an amazing Navratri quiz with answers which would help you in increasing your knowledge about Navratri and Goddess Durga.

Participate in the given quiz to check your General Knowledge about Indian Festivals and Indian Culture. Hope you will learn and enjoy solving the Navratri quiz contest.

Navratri Special Quiz 2024

Navratri Wishes
Navratri Wishes

Navratri Quiz Questions with Answers

10 Navratri quiz questions with answers:

1. Question: What is the literal translation of the word “Navratri”?
Answer: Nine nights

2. Question: During Navratri, which Hindu goddess is primarily worshipped?
Answer: Goddess Durga

3. Question: Which color is traditionally associated with the first day of Navratri?
Answer: Yellow

4. Question: What special dance form is performed during Navratri in the state of Gujarat?
Answer: Garba

5. Question: What is the significance of “Kanya Pujan” during Navratri?
Answer: Worship of young girls

6. Question: On which day of Navratri is Saraswati Puja performed?
Answer: Third

7. Question: What does “Dandiya Raas” symbolize during Navratri celebrations?
Answer: The dance of joy and celebration

8. Question: Which fruit is commonly offered to Goddess Durga during Navratri prayers?
Answer: Coconut

9. Question: What is the significance of “Kumari Puja” during Navratri?
Answer: Worship of unmarried girls

10. Question: On which day of Navratri is “Durga Ashtami” celebrated?
Answer: Eighth

Hope you liked and enjoyed this Online Navratri Quiz 2024 which is free for everyone.

This Navratri Quiz with Answers is based on Hindu Festival (Navratri) or Indian Culture.

Navratri Quiz with Multiple Choice Questions 2024 will create a confusion that will make it more challenging and enjoyable.

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