End Anchoring Script for School Morning Assembly in English

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End Anchoring Script for School Morning Assembly in English for Students

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Ending the Daily morning assembly at school is an important task for all which requires proper planning and execution. In this post, we are giving some steps that can guide you on how to End morning assembly in school. Don’t forget to read at the end about the morning assembly ending lines.

How to End Morning Assembly in School?

Step 1: Announce the end of the assembly

In Morning Assembly, After all the important announcements, speeches, and performances have concluded, it’s important to let everyone know that the assembly is coming to an end. You can do this by simply saying, “That concludes our morning assembly for today.”

Step 2: Ask everyone to stand up

Before dismissing everyone, ask them to stand up for a final prayer or a moment of silence. This is a good way to end the assembly on a peaceful and reflective note.

Step 3: Say a final prayer or give a closing statement

Now, let’s stand for the national anthem/ school song/ closing prayer (depending on school tradition) to conclude today’s assembly. After this, you can give a closing statement that summarizes the main message of the assembly.

Step 4: Thank everyone for attending

It’s always polite to thank everyone for attending the morning assembly. You can say something like, “Thank you all students, teachers and management for being here today. We hope you found the assembly informative and enjoyable.”

Step 5: Dismiss everyone by grade level or class

To avoid chaos and confusion, it’s best to dismiss everyone in an organized manner. You can do this by dismissing each grade level or class one at a time. You can also request the teachers to lead their classes out of the auditorium or gymnasium.

Step 6: Remind everyone of the next assembly

Before everyone leaves, make sure to remind them of the date and time of the next morning assembly. Make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows when to show up.

Sample Thank You Script for the end of the Morning Assembly:

“Thank you for joining us for this morning assembly. That concludes our program for today. Before we end the assembly, I request you all please stand for a moment of silence. [Pause for a moment]. Thank you.

Before we leave the morning assembly, I would like to thank everyone who participated in today’s our school’s morning assembly. Your contributions made it a success.

We hope you found it informative and enjoyable. [Pause]. Please remember that the next morning assembly will be on [date] at [time].

Thank you Principal Sir/Mam, Headmaster or Headmistress
Thank you Management members, Thank you (if there is any special guest for assembly)
Thank you, teachers and other non-teaching staff members.
Thank you and have a great day!”

Remember to adjust the script to suit your school’s culture and traditions.

What do you say at the end of a morning assembly?

At the end of a morning assembly, it is common to say a few closing words (some of the popular last lines in the morning school assembly) to bring the session to a close.

  • Have a nice day, thank you all.
  • this is all for today, have a nice day.
  • so, here we come to the end of daily assembly news, thank you all, and enjoy the day.
  • and with this news, our daily news session comes to the end, have a nice day mates.

Some common phrases that can be used include:

“Thank you for joining us today for the morning assembly.”
“Have a great day, and let’s make everyone’s day great!”

“Remember to be kind, work hard.”
“Respect Teachers and Parents”.
“Let’s end with a big round of applause for all the participants today.”
“We hope you enjoyed the morning assembly and have a wonderful day.”

These phrases can be modified or personalized to suit the specific school and occasion. In the end, I hope you would like this “Assembly script to end a morning assembly in school” for Students.

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