List of Important Days (National and International) in India and the World 2024

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Important Days & Dates: List of Important Days in India and the World 2024 (National and International)

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General Awareness Study Material & Notes – The complete list of the world’s Important Days, and events details with day names which is helpful for preparing for various entrance exams in India.

List of Important Days and Dates 2024: List of Important National and International Days of the year 2024

We have listed all the important days and month-wise dates. Aspirants of competitive exams need to remember these national and international important days and dates

Important Days and Dates of the Year: For better preparation candidates need to remember the list of important dates and days of the year. Bookmark this article and read it for revision at regular intervals. Try to memorize all the important national and international days and memorize them well.

General Knowledge: January Month Important Days & Dates

Often people ask what are the important days in a year (What are the important days in a year?). And apart from your general knowledge, it is also very important to know the List of Important Days and Dates [National/International] for the preparation of various competitions. So today we will learn about the list of important days of the year in this post.

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January Month Important Days & Dates

important days in January | important days of January 2024 | important days in January in India | important days in 2024

January 1 Global Family Day (UN), World Peace Day

January 4 World Braille Day – International

January 6 World Day – War Orphans

January 9 NRI Day

January 10 World Laughter Day | World Hindi Day 

January 11 National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

January 12 National youth day (India) 

January 15 Army Day (India)

January 20 World Religion Day

January 24 National Girl child day (In India)

January 25 Tourism Day (India), National Voters Day

January 26 Republic Day (India), International Customs Day

January 27 Family Literacy Day(ABC Life Literacy Canada), International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Recognized by the UN)

January 28 Data Protection Day(recognized by the Council of Europe), Potato Day

January 30 Martyr’s Day (India), Sarvodaya Day, World Leprosy Eradication Day

January 31 Street Children’s Day

January 3rd week National Non-Smoking Week(Canada)

January 3rd Wednesday Weed less Wednesday(Canada)

January 2nd 8th National Folic Acid Awareness Week

Download Important National and International Days of January Month Pdf

General Knowledge: February Month Important Days & Dates

important days in February | important days of February 2024 | important days in February in India | important days in 2024

February 2 World Wetlands Day, Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day

February 3 World Cancer Awareness Day

February 4 World Cancer Day

February 5 Kashmir Day (Organized by Pakistan)

February 6 International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

February 7 Rose Day

February 8 Safer Internet Day (International)

February 9 Chocolate day

February 11 World Day of the Sick, Promise Day

February 12 Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day, International Day of Women’s Health, Darwin Day

February 13 World Radio Day (UNESCO)

February 14 National Donor Day, Valentine Day, Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day – Canada – Children’s Heart Society

February 15 International Childhood Cancer Day – International – Childhood Cancer Foundation, National Flag of Canada Day – Heritage Canada

February 16 Family Day

February 17 Heritage Day – Heritage Canada

February 20 World Day of Social Justice (Recognized by the UN)

February 21 International Mother Language Day (Recognized by the UN)

February 22 International Scouts Day, World Thinking Day, Work Your Proper Hours Day

February 23 World Peaces and Understanding Day

February 24 Central Excise Day

February 28 National Science Day (India), International Pashtun Jirga Day

February 1st week Eating Disorder Awareness Week, International Development Week, National Therapeutic Recreation Week, White Cane Week

February 2nd week World Orphan Week

February 3rd week Scout-Guide Week, Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week

February 4th week Freedom to Read Week

February Last wednesday Pink Shirt Day (Anti-bullying)

February 2nd Sunday World marriage Day

Download Important National and International Days of February Month Pdf

General Knowledge: March Month Important Days & Dates

important days in March | important days of March 2024 | important days in March in India | important days in 2024

March 1 Self-Injury Awareness Day, Pig day

March 2 Texas Independence Day

March 3 National Defence Day (India)

March 4 National Safety Day (India), World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation

March 8 International Women’s Day (Recognized by the UN), International Literacy Day

March 11 World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film

March 12 World Glaucoma Day

March 13 World Kidney Day, World Rotaract Day, No Smoking Day

March 14 International Day of Action for Rivers, Pi Day

March 15 World Consumer Rights Day, World Disabled Day

March 16 National Vaccination Day

March 18 Ordinance Factories Day (India)

March 20 World Day of Happiness, International Day of the Francophonie, World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People, World House Sparrow Day

March 21 World Down Syndrome Day, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – UN, World Poetry Day (Recognized by the UNESCO), World Forestry Day, World Sleep Day, World Puppetry Day recognized by UNIMA

March 22 World Day for Water (Recognized by the UN)

March 23 World Meteorological Day (Recognized by the UN)

March 24 International Day for Achievers, World Tuberculosis Day (Recognized by the UN)

March 25 International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (Recognized by the UN), American Diabetes Alert Day

March 26 Purple Day for Epilepsy

March 27 World Theatre Day, World Drama Day

List of Important Days March 2024 Pdf

General Knowledge: April Month Important Days & Dates

important days in April | important days of April 2024 | important days in April in India | important days in 2024

April 1 April Fool’s Day, Orissa Day

April 2 World Autism Awareness Day (Recognized by the UN), International Children’s Book Day

April 5 World Day for Mine Awareness, National Maritime Day (India)

April 7 World Health Day

April 8 World Tradition Day, International Romani Day

April 12 International Day of Human Space Flight – an official United Nations day, International Day for Street Children, World Aviation & Cosmonautics Day

April 14 Cultural Unity Day (recognized by India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal), National Law Day, Fire Extinguishing Day

April 16 World Entrepreneurship Day (WED)

April 17 World Haemophilia Day (Recognized by the UN), Zoo Awareness Day

April 18 World Heritage Day

April 21 Secretaries Day, Civil Services Day (India), World Creativity and Innovation Day

April 22 Earth Day

April 23 World Book and Copyright Day (Recognized by the UN), Easter Day

April 24 World Day for Laboratory Animals (Recognized by the UN), World Meningitis Day

April 25 Parental Alienation Awareness Day, Penguin Day, World Meningitis Day, World Malaria Day, National Administrative Professionals Day, World Veterinary Day

April 26 World Intellectual Property Day (Recognized by the UN)

April 28 International Worker’s Memorial Day, World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 29 International Dance Day, International Make-A-Wish Day

April 30 International Jazz Day

Download Important National and International Days of April Month Pdf

General Knowledge: May Month Important Days & Dates

important days in May | important days of May 2024 | important days in May in India | important days in 2024

May 1 World Naturist Day, May Day or Labour Day, Gujarat Statehood Day, Maharastra Statehood Day

May 2 International Astronomy Day

May 3 World Solar Energy Day, World Asthma Day, World Press Freedom Day (UN)

May 4 International Fire fighters’ Day, Star Wars Day, Coal Miners’ Days

May 5 International Midwives Day, World Athletics Day, Day of Vesak(recognized by the UN)

May 6 International Awareness Day for Orthogenesis Imperfect (Brittle Bones)

May 7 Bladder Cancer Awareness Day, National Institute of Sports Founder’s Day

May 8 World Red Cross & Red Crescent Day

May 9 World Thalassaemia Day, Europe Day

May 10 World Mother Day, World Lupus Day

May 11 National Technology Day (India), National Resurgence Day

May 12 World Hypertension Day, World Nurses Day, World Migratory Bird Day (recognized by the UN and UNEP)

May 13 International Criminal Court Day, National Solidarity Day

May 14 Bone and Joint Day

May 15 International Day of Families (Recognized by the UN)

May 16 Sikkim Day

May 17 World Telecommunication Day, World AIDS Vaccine Day, World Information Society Day (Recognized by the UN)

May 18 International Museum Day

May 19 World Hepatitis Day

May 20 World Autoimmune Arthritis Day, sponsored by the International Auto immune Arthritis Movement, World Metrology Day

May 21 World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (Recognized by the UN), Anti Terrorism Day

May 22 International Day for Biological Diversity (Recognized by the UN), World Goth Day

May 23 World Turtle Day

May 24 Common wealth Day

May 25 World Thyroid Day, Geek Pride Day

May 29 International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers (Recognized by the UN), Redhead Day, International Mount Everest Day (Designated by Nepal)

May 31 World Anti Tobacco Day (Recognized by the UN)

Download Important National and International Days of May Month Pdf

General Knowledge: June Month Important Days & Dates

important days in June | important days of June 2024 | important days in June in India | important days in 2022 – 2023

June 1 Global Day of Parents, International Children’s Day, World Milk Day

June 4 International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

June 5 World Environment Day

June 6 Hunger Day

June 8 World Ocean Day, World Brain Tumors Day

June 10 Ballpoint Pen Day

June 12 World Day Against Child Labour

June 14 World Blood Donor Day

June 15 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 16 International Integration Day,

June 17 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (Recognized by the UN), Badger Day, Panic Day

June 18 International Picnic Day, International Ride to Work Day

June 19 World Sickle Cell Day, by UN Resolution

June 20 World Refugee Day (Recognized by the UN)

June 21 World Music Day

June 23 United Nations Public Service Day (Recognized by the UN), International Olympic Day, International Widow’s Day

June 26 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (Recognized by the UN), International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (Recognized by the UN), International Anti – Drugs Day

June 27 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day, World Diabetes Day

3rd Sunday of June International Father’s Day

Download Important National and International Days of June Month Pdf

General Knowledge: July Month Important Days & Dates

important days in July | important days of July 2024 | important days in July in India | important days in 2024

July 1 Doctor’s Day, International Joke Day, Architecture Day

July 2 World UFO Day, World Sports Journalists Day

July 6 World Zoonoses Day

July 7 International Cooperative Day

July 8 Writer’s Day

July 11 World Population Day (Recognized by the UN)

July 16 Disability (ADA) Awareness Day

July 18 Mandela Day (Recognized by the UN)

July 26 Kargil Memorial Day

July 28 World Hepatitis Day, World Nature Conservation Day

July 29 International Tiger Day

July 30 International Day of Friendship (recognized by the UN)

July 31 Orgasm Day

Last Friday of July System Administrator Appreciation Day

Download Important National and International Days of July Month Pdf

General Knowledge: August Month Important Days & Dates

important days in August | important days of August 2024 | important days in August in India | important days in 2024

August 1 Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness Day US & International

August 3 World Friendship Day, Liberation Day

August 5 International Beer Day

August 6 Hiroshima Day, Anti Nuclear Day

August 7 International Hipster Day

August 8 World Senior Citizen Day

August 9 Quit India Day (India), Nagasaki Day, International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, World Gifted & Talented Awareness Day, National Women’s Day in South Africa

August 10 Dengue Prevention Day, International Sorry Ranga (redhead) Day

August 12 International Youth Day (Recognized by the UN), Librarians Day

August 13 International Lefthanders Day

August 14 Pakistan’s Independence Day

August 15 India’s Independence Day, West Bengal Day, World Internet Appreciation Day, International Mourning Day

August 16 Black day

August 19 World Humanitarian Day, World Photography Day

August 20 World Mosquito Day

August 21 World Fashion Day

August 23 International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition (Recognized by the UN)

August 24 Kolkata’s Birth Day, Sanskrit Day

August 26 Namibia Day

August 29 National Sports Day (India), International Day against Nuclear Tests, Telugu Language Day

August 30 International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, Small Industry Day

Download Important National and International Days of August Month Pdf

General Knowledge: September Month Important Days & Dates

important days in September | important days of September 2024| important days in September in India | important days in 2024

September 1 to 7 Nutrition Week

September 2 World Coconut Day

September 4 Minority Welfare Day, World Cerebral Palsy Day

September 5 Teachers Day (India), Sanskrit Day (India)

September 8 International Literacy Day (Recognized by the UN), World Physical Therapy Day

September 10 World Suicide Prevention Day, Punjab Statehood Day, Haryana Statehood Day

September 11 World First Aid Day

September 12 United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

September 13 World Flowers Day

September 14 Hindi Day (India)

September 15 International Day of Democracy, International Day of Engineers

September 16 World Ozone Day

September 19 International Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 21 International Day of Peace (Recognized by the UN), World Alzheimer’s Day, Biosphere Day

September 22 World Car Free Day, World Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer Patients), World Rhino Day

September 24 Dating Day, World Heart Day, World Clean-up Day

September 26 European Day of Languages, World Day Of The Deaf, CSIR Foundation Day

September 27 World Tourism Day

September 28 Right to Know Day, World Rabies Day, Gunners Day

September 30 World Helping Day, Blasphemy Day

Last week of September World Maritime Day

Download Important National and International Days of September Month Pdf

General Knowledge: October Month Important Days & Dates

important days in October | important days of October 2024| important days in October in India | important days in 2024

October 1 World Vegetarian Day, International Day of Older Persons (Recognized by the UN)

October 2 International Day of Non-Violence, Human Rights Protection Day, Prisoner’s Day, World Ostony Day, World Animal Day

October 3 World Smile Day, World Nature Day

October 4 World Animal Welfare Day

October 5 World Teachers’ Day, Poetry Day

October 8 World Humanitarian Action Day, World Egg Day, Rapid Action Force Raising Day

October 9 World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, World Post Day, Global Jamie Day

October 10 World Mental Health Day, World Day Against Death Penalty, National Post Day (India)

October 11 National Coming Out Day

October 12 World arthritis day

October 13 International Suit Up Day, Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, World Day for Natural Disaster Reduction (UN), World Calamity Control Day (UN)

October 14 World Standards Day

October 15 World Blind Day, International Day of Rural Women (Recognized by the UN), Global Hand washing Day, World White Cane Day

October 16 National Boss Day, World Food Day (Recognized by the UN), World Anaesthesiologists Day

October 17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Recognized by the UN), World Trauma Day

October 20 International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, World Statistics Day, World Osteoporosis Day

October 21 Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Day, Police Commemoration Day

October 22 International Stuttering Awareness Day

October 24 United Nations Day (Recognized by the UN), World Development Information Day (Recognized by the UN), World Polio Day

October 25 Spina Bifida Awareness Day, Hydrocephalus Day

October 27 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (Recognized by the UN), Infantry Day

October 28 International Animation Day, INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY

October 29 Sleep In Day

October 30 World Thrift Day, International Orthopaedic Nurses Day

October 31 National Integration Day (India)

Download Important National and International Days of October Month Pdf

General Knowledge: November Month Important Days & Dates

important days in November | important days of November 2024 | important days in November in India | important days in 2024

November 1 World Vegan Day

November 5 World Interact Day

November 6 International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict (Recognized by the UN)

November 8 World Radiographer Day

November 9 World Freedom Day, World Legal Services Day

November 10 World Immunization Day

November 12 World Pneumonia Day

November 13 World Kindness Day

November 14 World Diabetes Day (Recognized by the UN), Children’s Day (India)

November 16 International Day for Tolerance, World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day

November 17 International Students Day

November 19 International Journalist’s remembrance Day, International Men’s Day

November 20 Africa Industrialization Day (Recognized by the UN), Universal Children’s Day (Recognized by the UN), Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 21 World Hello Day, World Television Day (Recognized by the UN), World Fisheries Day

November 25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (Recognized by the UN), International Meatless

November 26 National Law Day (India)

November 29 International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (Recognized by the UN)

November 30 Computer Security Day

3rd Sunday of November World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (Recognized by the UN)

Download Important National and International Days of November Month Pdf

General Knowledge: December Month Important Days & Dates

important days in December | important days of December 2024 | important days in December in India | important days in 2024

December 1 World Aids Day (Recognized by the UN)

December 2 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery (Recognized by the UN), World Computer Literacy Day

December 3 World Conservation Day, World Day of the Handicapped

December 4 Indian Navy Day

December 5 International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (Recognized by the UN)

December 6 National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women – Status of Women Canada

December 7 Indian Armed Force Flag Day, International Civil Aviation Day (Recognized by the UN)

December 9 The International Day against Corruption (Recognized by the UN)

December 10 Human Rights Day (Recognized by the UN), International Animal Rights Day

December 11 International Mountain Day (Recognized by the UN)

December 12 The International Day Of Heavy Metal

December 14 National Energy Conservation Day (India)

December 18 International Migrants Day (Recognized by the UN)

December 20 International Human Solidarity Day (Recognized by the UN)

December 23 Farmers Day (India)

December 29 International Biodiversity Day

Download Important National and International Days of December Month Pdf

List of Important Days in India 2024: List of Important National and International Days of the year 2024

List of Important Days in India in English 2024: New Exams have started for the year 2024 SBI, IBPS, RBI and many more exams are going to be held in the coming months. For these Banking, Insurance and SSC exams, your General Awareness section must be strong. That’s why we have brought this article for you.

Some special days are celebrated in the world and country, which are known as National and International Days. These important days are celebrated for the fulfillment of a specific purpose.

Some campaigns are run from time to time to make the world better socially, economically, mentally, naturally, and psychologically.

To complete these campaigns, a particular day is named after them. Which helps in spreading awareness. Along with this, some special days are celebrated in the memory of a special event or an important person.

So that people can be made aware of them. We have given here the list of National and International Important Days of the year 2024 (List Of Important Days And Dates In 2024: National And International Days). Hope you like this article. 

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