General Knowledge GK Questions For Class 1 Students

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General Knowledge Questions For Class 1 Students

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Explore a world of fun and easy learning with our collection of GK questions for Class 1, complete with answers. Engage young minds with enjoyable brain teasers and interesting facts tailored for Class 1 students.

Discover delightful and educational activities designed to make learning a joyous adventure. Unleash the curiosity in kids through these easy general knowledge questions, fostering a love for learning from an early age. Let’s Explore about a treasure trove of interactive and enriching experiences, perfect for young learners!

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Simple Maths GK Questions for Class 1

Question: What is 1 + 1?

    • A) 1
    • B) 2
    • C) 3
    • D) 4

Answer: B) 2

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Question: How many apples are there if you have 2 apples and get 1 more?

    • A) 2
    • B) 3
    • C) 4
    • D) 5

Answer: B) 3

Question: What is 5 – 2?

    • A) 2
    • B) 3
    • C) 4
    • D) 5

Answer: B) 3

Question: If you have 4 candies and eat 1, how many are left?

    • A) 2
    • B) 3
    • C) 4
    • D) 5

Answer: B) 3

Question: How many sides does a square have?

    • A) 3
    • B) 4
    • C) 5
    • D) 6

Answer: B) 4

Question: What comes after the number 6?

    • A) 5
    • B) 6
    • C) 7
    • D) 8

Answer: C) 7

Question: What is 10 divided by 2?

    • A) 4
    • B) 5
    • C) 6
    • D) 7

Answer: B) 5

Question: If there are 3 oranges and you take away 2, how many do you have?

    • A) 1
    • B) 2
    • C) 3
    • D) 4

Answer: B) 2

Question: What is 2 times 3?

    • A) 5
    • B) 6
    • C) 7
    • D) 8

Answer: B) 6

Question: How many corners does a rectangle have?

    • A) 3
    • B) 4
    • C) 5
    • D) 6

Answer: B) 4

These General Knowledge questions are designed to help Class 1 students develop basic math skills in a fun and interactive way!

Basic Science GK Questions for Class 1

Question: What do plants need to grow?

    • A) Ice Cream
    • B) Water
    • C) Stones
    • D) Toys

Answer: B) Water

Question: What is the color of the sky on a clear day?

    • A) Red
    • B) Green
    • C) Blue
    • D) Yellow

Answer: C) Blue

Question: Which of these is a living thing?

    • A) Car
    • B) Table
    • C) Tree
    • D) Ball

Answer: C) Tree

Question: What do you use to measure temperature?

    • A) Scale
    • B) Ruler
    • C) Thermometer
    • D) Clock

Answer: C) Thermometer

Question: Which part of the plant grows underground?

    • A) Flower
    • B) Leaves
    • C) Roots
    • D) Fruit

Answer: C) Roots

Question: What do we need to breathe?

    • A) Water
    • B) Air
    • C) Food
    • D) Sunlight
    • Answer: B) Air
  1. Which of these is a body part of a fish?
    • A) Wing
    • B) Fin
    • C) Arm
    • D) Leg

Answer: B) Fin

Question: What is the center of our Solar System?

    • A) Moon
    • B) Earth
    • C) Sun
    • D) Mars

Answer: C) Sun

Question: Where do birds live?

    • A) Nest
    • B) Cave
    • C) Burrow
    • D) Den

Answer: A) Nest

Question: Which of these is NOT a fruit?

    • A) Apple
    • B) Banana
    • C) Carrot
    • D) Orange

Answer: C) Carrot

These questions are created to spark the curiosity of Class 1 students and introduce them to the fascinating world of basic science!

English Vocabulary GK Questions for Class 1

Question: What is the opposite of ‘hot’?

    • A) Cold
    • B) Warm
    • C) Dark
    • D) Light

Answer: A) Cold

Question: Which word means the same as ‘happy’?

    • A) Sad
    • B) Angry
    • C) Joyful
    • D) Tired

Answer: C) Joyful

Question: What do you call a place where you sleep?

    • A) Kitchen
    • B) Bedroom
    • C) Bathroom
    • D) Garden

Answer: B) Bedroom

Question: Which word describes something you can eat?

    • A) Drink
    • B) Play
    • C) Food
    • D) Run
    • Answer: C) Food
  1. What is the opposite of ‘big’?
    • A) Huge
    • B) Small
    • C) Tall
    • D) Gigantic

Answer: B) Small

Question: What is another word for ‘funny’?

    • A) Hilarious
    • B) Boring
    • C) Serious
    • D) Scary

Answer: A) Hilarious

Question: What do you call the outer cover of a tree?

    • A) Leaf
    • B) Branch
    • C) Bark
    • D) Root

Answer: C) Bark

Question: Which word means ‘to go up’?

    • A) Climb
    • B) Fall
    • C) Sit
    • D) Jump

Answer: A) Climb

Question: What is the opposite of ‘fast’?

    • A) Quick
    • B) Slow
    • C) Speedy
    • D) Rapid

Answer: B) Slow

Question: Which word means the same as ‘beautiful’?

    • A) Ugly
    • B) Pretty
    • C) Dirty
    • D) Angry

Answer: B) Pretty

These English vocabulary general knowledge questions are designed to help Class 1 students develop their language skills in a fun and interactive way!

Colors and Shapes GK Questions for Class 1

What shape is a standard soccer ball?

    • A) Square
    • B) Circle
    • C) Triangle
    • D) Rectangle

Answer: B) Circle

Question: What color do you get when you mix red and yellow?

    • A) Orange
    • B) Green
    • C) Purple
    • D) Blue
    • Answer: A) Orange
  1. Which shape has four equal sides and four right angles?
    • A) Rectangle
    • B) Triangle
    • C) Circle
    • D) Square

Answer: D) Square

Question: What color is a ripe banana?

    • A) Red
    • B) Blue
    • C) Yellow
    • D) Purple

Answer: C) Yellow

Question: How many sides does a triangle have?

    • A) 3
    • B) 4
    • C) 5
    • D) 6

Answer: A) 3

Question: What color is the sky on a sunny day?

    • A) Green
    • B) Blue
    • C) Yellow
    • D) Pink

Answer: B) Blue

Question: Which shape looks like a ball?

    • A) Square
    • B) Rectangle
    • C) Triangle
    • D) Sphere
    • Answer: D) Sphere
  1. What color are strawberries?
    • A) Blue
    • B) Orange
    • C) Red
    • D) Green

Answer: C) Red

Question: What shape is a standard door?

    • A) Circle
    • B) Triangle
    • C) Square
    • D) Rectangle

Answer: D) Rectangle

Question: What color is grass?

    • A) Red
    • B) Blue
    • C) Green
    • D) Yellow

Answer: C) Green

These general knowledge questions are perfect for Class 1 students to learn about colors and shapes in an engaging and interactive way!

Animals and Birds GK Questions for Class 1

Question: What sound does a cow make?

    • A) Meow
    • B) Moo
    • C) Baa
    • D) Quack

Answer: B) Moo

Question: Which animal is known as ‘Man’s Best Friend’?

    • A) Cat
    • B) Elephant
    • C) Dog
    • D) Fish

Answer: C) Dog

Question: What is a baby sheep called?

    • A) Puppy
    • B) Calf
    • C) Kitten
    • D) Lamb

Answer: D) Lamb

Question: Which bird is known for its ability to mimic human speech?

    • A) Parrot
    • B) Sparrow
    • C) Eagle
    • D) Penguin

Answer: A) Parrot

Question: Which animal has a long trunk?

    • A) Lion
    • B) Monkey
    • C) Elephant
    • D) Giraffe

Answer: C) Elephant

Question: What color are flamingos?

    • A) Blue
    • B) Green
    • C) Pink
    • D) Yellow

Answer: C) Pink

Question: Which animal jumps high and is known for its long ears?

    • A) Horse
    • B) Rabbit
    • C) Cat
    • D) Dog

Answer: B) Rabbit

Question: What is a baby horse called?

    • A) Colt
    • B) Puppy
    • C) Cub
    • D) Chick

Answer: A) Colt

Question: Which bird is known for hooting at night?

    • A) Sparrow
    • B) Owl
    • C) Eagle
    • D) Parrot

Answer: B) Owl

Question: Which animal is known for its spots and is a big cat?

    • A) Leopard
    • B) Tiger
    • C) Lion
    • D) Bear

Answer: A) Leopard

These general knowledge questions are crafted to help Class 1 students learn about different animals and birds in a fun and educational manner!

Read These General Knowledge Quizzes for Kids Too

What is the importance of general knowledge for children?

General knowledge is super important for kids! It’s like a magical key that opens up their minds to the big, wide world. When they learn about different places, people, and how things work, it’s like going on an adventure without leaving their chair.

It’s not just about facts and dates; it’s about asking “why?” and “how?” This curiosity makes learning fun and exciting. Plus, knowing lots of stuff makes kids feel confident, especially when they can show off their smarts in class or with friends.

It’s all about getting ready for the big world out there, making friends with new ideas, and becoming the best they can be!

Best Tips for Preparing Children for GK Competitions

Preparing young minds for general knowledge (GK) competitions, especially for Class 1 students, can be a delightful and enriching experience. Here are tailored tips to help these young learners excel in GK:

Focus on Fun Learning: For Class 1 students, learning should be fun. Use colorful books, interactive games, and engaging videos that cater to their level.

Start with Basic Topics: Introduce them to basic GK topics like animals, fruits, vegetables, colors, shapes, and simple world facts.

Incorporate GK in Daily Activities: Discuss simple GK questions during daily activities. For example, while eating an apple, talk about different types of fruits.

Use Educational Apps and Games: There are many apps designed for Class 1 GK learning. These can make learning interactive and enjoyable.

Storytelling with Facts: Integrate interesting facts into bedtime stories or create stories around historical figures or events.

Regular Fun Quizzes: Conduct playful quizzes on what they have learned. Reward them for correct answers to keep them motivated.

Encourage Questions: Kids are naturally curious. Encourage them to ask questions and help them find answers.

Simple Current Affairs: Introduce them to basic current affairs in a child-friendly manner. Use stories or cartoons that simplify news.

Flashcards and Charts: Create flashcards and charts for visual learning. These are great tools for remembering facts and figures.

Balance Learning with Play: Ensure that GK preparation is balanced with ample playtime to keep them interested and not overwhelmed.

Praise Effort and Participation: Emphasize the importance of learning and participating over winning.

Make Learning a Family Activity: Involve the whole family in GK games and quizzes. This not only makes learning fun but also strengthens family bonds.

By incorporating these tips, you can effectively prepare Class 1 students for GK competitions and instill a lifelong love for learning.

Soon, our blog will feature new updates perfect for Class 1 students. Look out for printable GK quizzes, easy-to-access online GK quizzes, and fun GK games.

We’ll also provide a PDF download of GK questions and informative YouTube videos. All these resources are designed to make learning enjoyable for young minds. Stay tuned for these great additions!

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