International Day for Biodiversity GK MCQs Quiz- 22 May 2024

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Amazing Biological Diversity Day Quiz For Students with Answers – 22 May 2024

Welcome to Shiksha Press. This MCQs quiz is made for you based on the Biodiversity Day. This GK Quiz could help you learn and know more about International day for Biodiversity 2024.

Taking part in this Quiz with answers could increase your knowledge about the world around you. Knowing the world will enhance your general knowledge and also improve your intellect.

What is Biodiversity?

Different Kinds and Species of Plants and Animal life in the world. They play important role in many life processes of world.

Challenging World Biodiversity Quiz for Kids


Hope you have given your best in this Biological Diversity Quiz. If you have scored less marks in this then no worries you can try this quiz as many times as you want and learn more about it. Take a look on Questions and Answers on International Day for Biodiversity given below.

Questions and Answers on International Day for Biodiversity!

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity means all the different kinds of living things on Earth, like animals, plants, and even tiny bugs.

Why is biodiversity important?

Biodiversity is important because it helps keep nature balanced and healthy. Different plants and animals work together to create a sustainable environment for all living things.

How can we protect biodiversity?

We can protect biodiversity by:

– Conserving natural habitats
– Planting trees
– Reducing pollution
– Not wasting resources.

What is the International Day for Biodiversity?

The International Day for Biodiversity is a special day to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect it.

What can kids do to help biodiversity?

Kids can help biodiversity by learning about nature, planting trees, recycling, and respecting all living creatures. Every small action counts in protecting our planet!

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