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How To Become A Judge in India ? 

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Being a judge is one of the most respected jobs in India. For this candidates have to appear in the Judiciary Examination. Along with passing the exam, after 7 to 10 years experience as a lawyer in High Court, you can apply for the post of Judge. Keep in mind, the age of the candidate should not be more than 45* years. You will be able to appear in different judiciary examinations only if you are a native of that state or that examination is conducted at the level of the country.

Students want to reach the judge’s chair after studying Law. But it takes a lot of hard work to reach this chair. Every year thousands of students pursue law degree (LLB degree). But only some of these students are able to travel to the judge’s chair in the court due to knowledge and experience. Many students end this dream during their studies. At the same time, many students leave this field after seeing the struggle after completing their studies. Let us know today in this section of Career Guidance how to become a judge.

5 Steps to Become Judge In India

The preparation to become a judge should be done after passing the tenth, because the marks obtained by you in the twelfth only prove to be helpful in deciding whether you can become a judge or not.

1. Pass 12th with good marks:

A student aspiring to become a judge has to concentrate in studies from the very beginning, especially in class XII, because if the student gets less than a certain percentage of marks in the examination, then he will never be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a judge. So no matter what the percentage is, you should try to get the best marks in class XII because the minimum marks are fixed for admission to any course and not the maximum. So try to get maximum marks in 12th.

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2. Clear the Entrance Exam CLAT:

One may have to clear an entrance exam called CLAT for admission to law colleges for pursuing LLB. Though the admission process may vary from college to college but generally one has to clear this entrance exam for admission in reputed law colleges. Applications for CLAT Entrance exam are taken out from the month of January, whose last date can be till March and this exam is conducted in May.

3. Complete the LLB Course:

A good rank in the entrance exam ensures the admission of a candidate in a reputed law college. Therefore, if the candidate who wants to become a judge gets a good rank in the entrance exam, then he will be admitted. After the admission is done, the student should devote full attention to the study of law and should complete the course called LLB. So that he can fulfill his dream of becoming a Judge.

4. Become a Lawyer:

After completing LLB course or completing law studies and internship, one may have to register himself/herself with the State Bar Council to become a lawyer. And in spite of this the person has to clear another exam AIBE also conducted by the State Bar Council. After which the person becomes a lawyer.

5. Clear the State Judicial Service Exam:

A candidate aspiring to become a judge needs to clear the judicial service exam after becoming a lawyer. The age limit for appearing in this exam varies from state to state, generally it is 21-35 years. This exam is also completed in three parts, first part is Preliminary exam, second main and third personal interview.

What are the Educational Qualification to Become Judge ?

Here is the educational qualification: To become a judge, first of all, the student must have passed 12th class with at least 50 percent marks. After this he went on to pursue B.A. in various universities. The entrance exam for LLB course can be given. After clearing the entrance, students can take admission in 3-year LLB course. After completing this course, students must fulfill 3 conditions to become a judge. The first among these is that the student should be an Indian citizen. Apart from this, the candidate should have received the training of Judgment in 2 or more Courts. Thirdly, the age of the candidate should be less than 62 years. Candidates are selected as judges only after fulfilling these three conditions. After this, he is given some time training to do full practice as a judge for one year.

As we all know that to become a judge, one has to study law like becoming a lawyer. That’s why a person who wants to become a judge may have to become a lawyer first. Therefore, the student should try to get good marks from 10th class itself and by getting good marks in any section and subjects in 12th, he can give entrance exam called CLAT to take admission to LLB. If a person does LLB after 12th it may take up to five years and if he does it after graduation then it may take him up to three years to complete his law studies. However, for admission to LLB or to appear in the entrance exam, certain percentage of marks may be required. Therefore, a student who wants to become a judge should try to get maximum marks in 12th and graduation. Since the student needs to do LLB to become a judge and may need to clear the entrance exam called CLAT for admission in LLB. Some of the key qualifications for CLAT are mentioned below.

For Under Graduate Course:

The maximum age of the candidate is not mentioned.

If the candidate comes from the general category, then it is mandatory for him to pass in 12th with at least 45% marks.

If the candidate comes from the reserved category, then it is mandatory to pass the 12th examination with at least 40% marks.

For Post Graduate Course:

This is a graduate course, so if the candidate is from the general category, then it is mandatory to pass with 55% marks.

If the candidate belongs to the reserved category then it is mandatory to pass with 50% marks.

There is no upper age limit for this also.

Apart from this, people are also often searching on the internet that how do high court judges become? How are Supreme Court judges made, etc., then I would like to tell you that only a person who is already a judge or a lawyer can become a judge of a High Court or Supreme Court. Therefore, there may be different qualification/eligibility rules for different types of judges. So let us know how one can become a judge in India.

What are the Career Prospects ?

Here are the career prospects: Candidates can do government jobs on the post of Attorney General in the Government of India or State Governments. Apart from this, candidates can do LLM and LLD courses to go into the teaching field, in which there are excellent career options. Apart from this, candidates can also work in multinational companies as Legal Advisor or Legal Consultant. The salary or pay scale of a judge is fixed according to the rules laid down by the state governments. This is possible from 9,000* to 14,550* plus other allowances up to a total amount of Rs 28,800*. But as per the recommendation of the Sixth Pay Commission, the magistrate’s salary has increased up to three times.

*– Can be change


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