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Birthday Special Shri Hanuman Jayanti MCQs General Knowledge Quiz

Hanuman Jayanti Quiz : Welcome to Shiksha Press. Wish you all a Happy Shri Hanuman Janmotsav! Here is a best GK MCQs Hanuman Birth Quiz for students to make their day more special.

Happy Hanuman Jayanti! Did you know that according to the Hindu calendar, Hanuman ji, also known as Bajrangbali, was born on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra. Today, we’re celebrating his birth anniversary, Hanuman Jayanti. To add some fun to the festivities, we’ve got a special GK quiz for you all about Hanuman ji.

This Hanuman Ji Quiz for General Knowledge could help not only students but also adults in increasing their information about Hanuman Ji or Hanuman Chalisa. How Much Do You Know About Hanuman Ji? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

Take Part in Challenging Hanuman Jayanti Multiple Choice Quiz

Total Question 21 – Passing Marks 50% – Choose the Right Answer


Hanuman Jayanti Questions and Answer Quiz

Who is Hanuman and why is he worshipped?

Shree Hanuman is a Hindu deity known for his strength, devotion to Lord Rama, and roles in the Ramayana. He is worshipped as a symbol of devotion, courage, and protection.

What are the different names of Hanuman?

Some of Hanuman’s names include Bajrangbali, Maruti, Anjaneya, Sankat Mochan, and Pavanputra, reflecting his divine attributes and stories.

What are the stories of Hanuman’s birth?

Hanuman is said to be the son of Anjana and Kesari, born with the blessings of the wind god, Pavan, and Lord Shiva, and is considered a divine incarnation.

What are Hanuman’s greatest feats in the Ramayana?

Notable feats include his leap to Lanka to find Sita and his retrieval of the Sanjeevani herb to save Lakshmana, showcasing his bravery and strength.

What is the significance of Hanuman Chalisa?

The Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn that praises Hanuman’s virtues and deeds, believed to bring strength and protection to those who recite it.

Why is Hanuman considered the god of strength and devotion?

Hanuman exemplifies unwavering devotion to Rama and immense strength, making him a deity of both spiritual and physical prowess.

What are the benefits of worshipping Hanuman?

Worship of Hanuman is thought to grant courage, remove fears, and protect against evils and obstacles.

How can I perform Hanuman puja at home?

Set up a simple altar with Hanuman’s image, offer flowers, light incense, and recite the Hanuman Chalisa, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

What are some famous temples dedicated to Hanuman?

Famous Hanuman temples include Sankat Mochan in Varanasi, the Hanuman Temple in Connaught Place, New Delhi, and Salasar Hanuman Temple in Rajasthan.

What is the significance of Hanuman Jayanti?

Hanuman Jayanti celebrates Hanuman’s birth, observed with prayers, fasting, and recitations of the Ramayana, particularly on the full moon of the Chaitra month.

Hope you all liked and enjoyed taking part in this amazing and hinduism quiz. This GK MCQs quiz for students with answer on the occasion of Shree Hanuman Janmotsav could increase the knowledge of students about Indian Mythology.

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