GK Quiz Trivia on International Women’s Day 2024 with Answer

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Empowering Women Quiz: International Women’s Day Trivia and History GK

Welcome to Shiksha Press. You will read incredible Quiz Questions in this International Women’s Day Trivia. Women’s Day GK quiz would help students in increasing their general knowledge about empowering women.

International women’s day 2024 Quiz help girls in understanding and knowing their abilities.They will also know about the importance of their mothers in their life. They could get motivated in overcoming their problems of life.

International women’s day trivia with answers could also teach the boys to understand the importance of women in the society and inspire them to give respect to them.

Students will also get informed about Women’s Rights in the world. As general knowledge is the most important in this world.

Women’s Rights GK Quiz includes the information about female historical figures that could inspire students to be courageous enough like them and fight the problems in their life.

Nowadays, Women are playing very crucial roles in space and technology of every country. Women in science and technology quiz will tell students to get courage for the giving their best in their life.

International Women’s Day Quiz for Students 2024

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International Women’s Day Quiz Trivia Questions with Answers

10 different GK Quiz trivia questions and answers based on International Women’s Day:

Question: What significant movement for women’s labor rights is associated with the origins of International Women’s Day?

Answer: The significant movement is the 1908 garment women’s strike in New York, where women protested against working conditions.

Question: Which country officially made International Women’s Day a national holiday first?

Answer: The Soviet Union was among the first to declare International Women’s Day a national holiday in 1917.

Question: Who is often cited as the ‘Mother of Feminism’ for her work advocating women’s rights in the late 18th century?

Answer: Mary Wollstonecraft is often cited as the ‘Mother of Feminism’ for her work.

Question: What symbol, representing femininity and courage, is often associated with International Women’s Day?

Answer: The Venus symbol, also known as the female symbol, is often associated with International Women’s Day.

Question: Which famous American suffragette, born on February 15th, shares a month with International Women’s Day and was instrumental in the women’s suffrage movement?

Answer: Susan B. Anthony is the famous American suffragette.

Question: What year did the United Nations adopt its first resolution on women’s rights?

Answer: The United Nations adopted its first resolution on women’s rights in 1946.

Question: In what year did women in Saudi Arabia gain the right to vote?

Answer: Women in Saudi Arabia gained the right to vote in 2015.

Question: Who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest?

Answer: Junko Tabei from Japan was the first woman to climb Mount Everest, in 1975.

Question: What international treaty, adopted in 1979, seeks to promote and protect the rights of women globally?

Answer: The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) seeks to protect women’s rights globally.

International Women’s Day Quiz FAQs with Answers

International Women’s Day Quiz FAQs, International Women Day Quiz 2024 – Question and Answers

.1. What is the purpose of the International Women’s Day quiz?

Answer: To educate and raise awareness about women’s achievements, challenges, and the importance of gender equality.

2. Who is the Quiz intended for (e.g., kids, adults, students)?

Answer: The quiz is designed for a broad audience, including kids, adults, and students, to enhance their understanding of women’s contributions and rights.

3. What topics does the quiz cover (e.g., women’s rights, historical figures, achievements)?

Answer: The quiz covers a range of topics including women’s rights, historical figures, notable achievements, and significant milestones in the fight for gender equality.

4. Is the quiz multiple choice, true or false, or a mix of formats?

Answer: The quiz is a mix of formats, including multiple choice, true or false, and possibly short answer questions to provide variety and challenge.

5. Where can I find the answers to the quiz (e.g., after each question, at the end)?

Answer: Answers are typically provided at the end of the quiz to allow participants to test their knowledge without seeing the answers upfront.

6. Does the quiz focus on international women or specific countries?

Answer: The quiz focuses on international women from various countries to highlight the global aspect of women’s achievements and issues.

International Women’s Day 2024 Quiz

This GK MCQs quiz wasn’t just a general test for students, but also a celebration of the amazing women around us on this special day, Women’s Day. We tried to make this GK Quiz perfect learning source for students.

Taking part in this GK MCQs Trivia was about discovering the power and impact of women on the world, science and technology.

Hope you learned something valuable from this General Knowledge MCQs Quiz Trivia on International Women’s day. MCQs GK Quiz helps students to improve their general knowledge for International Women Day.

If Students practice more and take part in more GK Quizzes they will get more awared of the affaires of the society. They will learn many more important things which help them in increasing their knowledge.

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