MCQ Gk Quiz on Sir C.V. Raman’s Life and Discoveries

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Exploring the Legacy: A Quiz on Sir C.V. Raman’s Life and Discoveries

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GK Quiz on Dr. C.V. Raman: Welcome to our educational quiz! Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. Dr. CV Raman was a legendary physicist whose groundbreaking work has left a significant mark in the field of science.

Get ready to test your knowledge about CV Raman’s life, achievements, and contributions to physics. This is a great opportunity to learn more about a historical figure who has shaped the way we understand the world around us.

15 MCQ Questions Answers Related To Dr. CV Raman’s Life

Dr. C.V. Raman is also known as Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman. 

Where was Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman born?

a) Bangalore b) Madras c) Tiruchirappalli d) Calcutta

Answer: c) Tiruchirappalli

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In which year did Raman enter Presidency College, Madras?

a) 1902 b) 1904 c) 1907 d) 1917

Answer: a) 1902

What did Raman win when he passed his B.A. examination?

a) A scholarship b) The first place and the gold medal in physics c) A lecture position d) A research grant

Answer: b) The first place and the gold medal in physics

In which year did Raman gain his M.A. degree?

a) 1904 b) 1907 c) 1910 d) 1917

Answer: b) 1907

What were the main fields of investigation dedicated by Raman throughout his career?

a) Biology and Chemistry b) Mathematics and Physics c) Optics and Acoustics d) Economics and Finance

Answer: c) Optics and Acoustics

Which department did Raman join in 1907 due to the lack of scientific career opportunities?

a) Indian Education Department b) Indian Finance Department c) Indian Health Department d) Indian Agricultural Department

Answer: b) Indian Finance Department

In what year did Raman become the Honorary Secretary of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Calcutta?

a) 1907 b) 1917 c) 1919 d) 1926

Answer: c) 1919

Which chair did Raman accept at Calcutta University in 1917?

a) Bose Chair of Physics b) Palit Chair of Physics c) Tagore Chair of Literature d) Nehru Chair of Political Science

Answer: b) Palit Chair of Physics

When did Raman become the director of the Raman Institute of Research?

a) 1926 b) 1933 c) 1948 d) 1951

Answer: c) 1948

What significant journal did Raman found in 1926?

a) Indian Journal of Chemistry b) Indian Journal of Physics c) Indian Journal of Biology d) Indian Journal of Mathematics

Answer: b) Indian Journal of Physics

When did Raman discover the radiation effect that bears his name?

a) 1918 b) 1922 c) 1928 d) 1934 Answer: c) 1928

What prize did Raman win in 1930 for his discovery?

a) The Nobel Prize in Chemistry b) The Nobel Prize in Physics c) The Nobel Prize in Medicine d) The Fields Medal

Answer: b) The Nobel Prize in Physics

What was the topic of Raman’s investigations published between 1934-1942?

a) The physiology of human vision b) The diffraction of light by acoustic waves c) The structure and properties of diamond d) The optics of colloids

Answer: b) The diffraction of light by acoustic waves

In which year was Raman elected a Fellow of the Royal Society?

a) 1917 b) 1924 c) 1929 d) 1930

Answer: b) 1924

What honor was bestowed upon Raman in 1929?

a) He was awarded the Nobel Prize b) He was elected President of the Indian Academy of Sciences c) He was knighted d) He was given a lifetime achievement award

Answer: c) He was knighted

200+ Dr. CV Raman GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Trust you enjoyed the quiz and caught a fascinating peek into the life and discoveries made by the incredible Dr. C.V. Raman!

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