20 Fun Ideas for Diwali Games and Competitions

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Diwali Games and Competitions for Schools Students and Teachers

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Ignite your Diwali celebrations with 20 captivating games and contests! Embrace tradition with dance, creativity with rangoli, and enjoy a festive competition for all ages.

20 fun ideas for Diwali games and competitions that can be organized in schools or at Diwali-themed events.

Game / Competition Description Suitable for Age Group
Rangoli Contest Participants create colorful designs with powder. All ages
Diya Decoration Decorating clay lamps with paints and embellishments. All ages
Fireless Cooking Preparing Diwali sweets and snacks without fire. 10 years and up
Fashion Show Traditional attire showcase with a Diwali theme. All ages
Lantern Making Crafting paper lanterns in various shapes and sizes. All ages
Antakshari: Diwali Edition Singing competition with songs related to light and Diwali. All ages
Diwali Quiz Trivia contest about Diwali’s history and traditions. 10 years and up
Candle Relay Race Teams race while holding a candle, trying not to extinguish it. 7 years and up
Firecracker Blowout Blowing out lit candles or sparklers on a board (safety first!). 7 years and up
Sweet Taste Test Blindfolded participants guess various types of sweets. All ages
Diwali Skit Competition Groups perform short plays related to Diwali stories. All ages
Card Making Making handmade Diwali greeting cards. All ages
Best Out of Waste Creating something festive from recycled materials. All ages
Cultural Dance Off Competing in traditional Indian dance forms. All ages
Mithai Making Contest Preparing traditional sweets from scratch. 10 years and up
Thali Decoration Embellishing the ceremonial platter used during Diwali Pooja. All ages
Diwali Storytelling Narrating tales associated with Diwali. All ages
Crackers Crossword Puzzle Crossword filled with firecracker and Diwali-related terms. 10 years and up
Treasure Hunt Finding hidden ‘treasures’ based on Diwali-related clues. All ages
Diwali Jigsaw Puzzle Completing a puzzle with a Diwali-themed picture. 7 years and up
Dandiya Dance Circle Dancing with sticks in the traditional Gujarati style. All ages
Diwali-themed Pictionary Drawing and guessing game with Diwali related words. All ages
Bollywood Karaoke Singing along to popular Bollywood tracks with a festive twist. All ages

Please note that the suitability for age groups is a general guideline and can vary depending on the individual abilities and experiences of the children. It is important to ensure that all games, especially those involving any kind of fire or candles, are closely supervised by adults for safety.

20 Exciting Diwali Celebration Activities for a Sparkling School Festival

Diwali Rangoli Competition: Unleash your artistic skills and celebrate colors in the Diwali Rangoli Competition. Create designs that capture the essence of Diwali and win exciting prizes!

Diwali Antakshari Competition: Gather your friends and get ready to showcase your knowledge of Bollywood tunes in the Diwali Antakshari Competition. Sing your way to victory in this musical challenge!

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Diwali Tambola Competition: Join the fun at the Diwali Tambola Competition. Grab your tickets, listen for your numbers, and be the first to call out ‘Bingo’ to clinch the win!

Diwali Quiz Competition: Put your knowledge to the test with our Diwali Quiz Competition. Answer questions about the festival’s history and traditions and compete for the top spot!

Diwali Fancy Dress Competition: Dress to impress at the Diwali Fancy Dress Competition. Come as your favorite mythological character or Diwali symbol and dazzle the audience with your creativity.

Diwali Diya Decoration Competition: Light up the festivities in the Diwali Diya Decoration Competition. Decorate diyas with an array of colors and materials and let your design shine the brightest.

Diwali Sweets Making Competition: Display your culinary talents in the Diwali Sweets Making Competition. Whip up delicious traditional sweets and aim for the sweet taste of victory!

Diwali Card Making Competition: Express your creativity in the Diwali Card Making Competition. Craft beautiful cards that spread the Diwali cheer and stand out with your unique designs.

Diwali Lantern Making Competition: Illuminate the night with your handmade lanterns in the Diwali Lantern Making Competition. Engineer your lantern to reflect the festive light and win over the judges.

Diwali Dance Competition: Hit the floor with grace and energy in the Diwali Dance Competition. Perform traditional or contemporary dances and compete to be crowned the Diwali dance champion!

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