CBSE PRAYOG: An Online Training Program for Principals to Implement NEP 2020

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CBSE Circular PRAYOG: A Mandatory Online Training Program for Principals to Implement NEP 2020

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched PRAYOG, a compulsory online training initiative for principals. This CBSE Principal Training program, set to roll out in July and August 2023, aims to empower CBSE principals with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively implement the National Education Policy 2020 in CBSE-affiliated schools. Read in Depth News Ahead. 

“PRAYOG” Online Training Program for Principals

CBSE Latest Circular: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Unveils a Mandatory Program Aiming to Facilitate the Implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020).

As the key bearers of academic reform and quality education in schools, principals have been recognized as crucial actors in the successful implementation of the National Education Policy 2020.

In light of this, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently released a circular mandating an online training program for principals.

Introduction of PRAYOG: A Comprehensive Initiative for Principals

The online training program, aptly named PRAYOG (Pradhanacharya Yojna for Growth), is designed to impart comprehensive knowledge about the initiatives taken by the CBSE towards the implementation of academic reforms in CBSE-affiliated schools.

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With PRAYOG, the CBSE Board aims to equip the principals with the necessary skills and resources to effectively implement the NEP 2020 in their respective schools.

A Detailed Look into PRAYOG Program

The PRAYOG program will consist of a series of free, two-day online training webinars lasting one and a half hours each day. Scheduled to take place across July and August 2023, the webinars will delve into academic initiatives taken by the CBSE and will be accessible to all principals of CBSE-affiliated schools nationwide.

The PRAYOG program includes assessment-integrated sessions on various crucial topics such as Competency-Based Education, Experiential Learning, including Art-integrated learning, Story-Telling, Sports Integrated Learning, and initiatives such as SAFAL, HPC, and SQAA, among others.

To ensure active participation, the three hours devoted to PRAYOG will be counted towards the mandatory 50 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirement for a year.

Smooth Execution and Participation in PRAYOG

In a move to streamline the process, all principals have been registered for PRAYOG in advance. Participants will receive the webinar joining link in their cbseshiksha email, as per the region-wise schedule.

The CBSE Board has stipulated that only cbseshiksha email IDs are to be used for attending the online training sessions.

This measure ensures that the participants’ presence is duly noted, as certificates will be generated only for those who log in through their cbseshiksha email ID.

This initiative underlines the commitment of the CBSE to promote a comprehensive understanding of the NEP 2020 amongst the principals, thereby setting the stage for its effective implementation in CBSE schools across the country.

CBSE PRAYOG Online Training Programme Schedule

Please note that only the cbseshiksha email ID is to be used for attending the online training sessions. The certificate will be generated for only those who log in through the cbseshiksha email ID.

Date/Days CoE Region Batch No. CoE Region Batch No. CoE Region Batch No.
3rd July & 6th July Ajmer Batch 1 Bengaluru Batch 1 Bhopal Batch 1
4th July & 7th July Bhubaneswar Batch 1 Chandigarh Batch 1 Chennai Batch 1
10th July & 13th July Dehradun Batch 1 Delhi East Batch 1 Delhi West Batch 1
11th July & 14th July Guwahati Batch 1 Noida Batch 1 Panchkula Batch 1
17th July & 20th July Patna Batch 1 Prayagraj Batch 1 Pune Batch 1
18th July & 21st July Trivandrum Batch 1 Vijayawada Batch 1
3rd August & 7th August Ajmer Batch 2 Bengaluru Batch 2 Bhopal Batch 2
4th August & 8th August Bhubaneswar Batch 2 Chandigarh Batch 2 Chennai Batch 2
10th August & 14th August Dehradun Batch 2 Delhi East Batch 2 Delhi West Batch 2
11th August & 16th August Guwahati Batch 2 Noida Batch 2 Panchkula Batch 2
17th August & 21st August Patna Batch 2 Prayagraj Batch 2 Pune Batch 2
18th August & 22nd August Trivandrum Batch 2 Vijayawada Batch 2 Ajmer & Chandigarh Batch 3
24th August & 28th August Panchkula & Prayagraj Batch 3 Chennai & Vijayawada Batch 3 Bhubaneswar & Patna Batch 3

For any queries, the schools may contact at 011-23231070 or email at

Click Here to Read the Official CBSE Circular Regarding the Compulsory online training program PRAYOG for Principals (July & August 2023) 

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