CBSE Future Tech Olympiad for Digital India

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Future Tech Olympiad 2023 for Students by CBSE and IBM

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CBSE Latest Circular: Future Tech Olympiad – To assess the future tech readiness of students for a Digital India. Future Tech Olympiad is a platform designed to celebrate such ‘Creators of Future Technology’ who are responsible Netizens and guardians of a safe and secure cyberspace for all. It aims to identify competent leaders of Digital India who can lead us in creating a healthy digital environment.

Future Tech Olympiad 2023 will assess the participants on their basic cognitive skills and future technology skills while ultimately gaining a deeper understanding of the ethical and productive use of technology.

Future Tech Olympiad 2023 – To assess the future tech readiness of students for a Digital India

CBSE has been at the forefront of introducing future technologies to students thus enabling them to learn and develop solutions using future technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Cyber Security, Data Science, and more, through the various skill subjects and partner programs.

CBSE has been making efforts to equip students to become technology leaders of tomorrow who will use technology responsibly thus supporting the Government of India’s vision of Digital India which aims to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

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What is the Purpose of the Future Tech olympiad?

CBSE in partnership with IBM is launching the ‘Future Tech Olympiad’, to provide students an opportunity to assess their understanding of future technologies while inspiring them to learn and gain a deeper understanding of the ethical and productive use of technology.

Future Tech Olympiad Aim

Future Tech Olympiad aims to identify youth leaders of Digital India and give them further opportunities. Along with future technology skills, students will also be tested on their logical reasoning, digital literacy, analytical skills, and numerical reasoning as part of the Olympiad.

Future Tech Olympiad Mode

Schools can choose to conduct the Future Tech Olympiad in either Online or Offline mode. Top students of the Future Tech Olympiad will have the opportunity to win prizes like laptops, industry internships, showcases, and an immersive education experience at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). Top schools participating in the Olympiad will also be felicitated.

Special Instruction About Future Tech Olympiad

1. The program is being offered free of cost to students of all CBSE-affiliated schools.

2. Students from grades VI to VIII are eligible for the program.

3. Kindly refer to the annexure for more details.

4. For any queries, please reach out to

How to Participate in CBSE Future Tech Olympiad 2023?

Steps to conduct Offline Mode Test

Step 1. Visit the official page for Olympiad exam registration

Step 2. Fill in the basic details such as School Name, Principal Name, and Contact No. Teacher In-charge & Contact No. School Address, etc.

Step 3. School can prepare a list of participants and fill out the ‘Student Detail form’ Please double-check that all information.

Step 4. Click on the button that says “Submit”.

Registration instructions: Schools are requested to register for the Olympiad before 15th February 2023 using the following registration link. Future Tech Olympiad 2023 | Registration

Click Here to Register

Download Future Tech Olympiad Broucher

Access to free learning resources

If you would like your students to get access to free learning resources from 1M1B partners (IBM SkillsBuild) to help them with the Olympiad please share student details. We will provide them free access to their email ids. Please note all data shared will be handled with complete confidentiality keeping in mind student safety and will not be used for any other purposes. This is optional and not mandatory.

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