Importance of Value Education – An Article

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An Article – Importance of Value Education By Pr. Poonam Sharma

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Educational Article: In this era of digitalization and modernization, I have many a time heard as well as seen people of the 60s, 70s, and 80s regret lacking behind in many ways in accordance to the current generation. Here a question arises ‘have materialistic things comprising technology made the future generation a good human being, a person of values, an empathetic human, the one who regards and respects every single soul ‘?

The answer is obviously’ no’.

My motive to write this article is to highlight the importance of Moral Values in the young generation which is declining with time. One has to understand that an educated person without values is similar to giving a man a weapon without teaching him whether it is for defence or wreaking havoc.

Value education becomes crucial and is certainly required to be included in a child’s schooling journey and beyond to ensure that they imbibe moral values as well as ethics.

Value based education according to me can help students become better individuals as it lays emphasis on personality development in order to shape their future and tackle different situations. It moulds the child so that they get attuned to the changing scenarios while handling their social, moral democratic duties efficiently.

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Students just know ‘how’ to do something but fail to answer ‘why’.

Without embedding values in our kids, we will not be able to teach them to differentiate right or wrong, do’s and don’ts. The aim of education is to inculcate values that help every child become a kind, compassionate and empathetic individual thus nurturing emotional intelligence in every child and contributing to their holistic development.

I conclude by saying that in this 21st Century, key traits such as kindness, empathy, mannerism, the spirit of patriotism, etc. are the need of the hour. Technology for sure is a boon for the development of an individual as well as the nation on the Global platform. However, in no way one should forget the rich culture & tradition of carrying forward our rich legacy that upholds values & ethics.

Author – Poonam Sharma
Principal Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Public Sr Sec School – Ludhiana

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