CBSE Board Result 2024: No Divisions, No Toppers! What Does This Mean for You?

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CBSE Ends Divisions & Toppers in 2024 Results – Know Latest Update?

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If you’re awaiting the CBSE Board results, here’s important news for you. This time, the CBSE Board will not disclose the division or topper’s name. Read about the recent updates and reforms aimed at reducing student anxiety.

Major Changes in CBSE Class 10th, 12th Result 2024

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is set to release the results for Class 10th and 12th soon. It’s crucial for candidates to note that significant changes have been made in the result format this year.

Last year, CBSE announced that starting from 2024, it won’t share details about students’ division, distinction, or total marks in the Class 10th and 12th board exams. It also won’t disclose the names of the toppers or their percentile scores.

No Toppers or Percentiles Revealed

From 2024 onwards, CBSE will refrain from disclosing overall division, distinction, or aggregate marks of students in the board exams. The names of the toppers will not be disclosed, nor will the percentiles.

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The CBSE exam controller, Sanyam Bhardwaj, stated that no overall category, special qualification, or total score would be given. If a student has taken more than 5 subjects, the admission institute or employer may choose to consider the top 5 subjects.

Notice Issued Last Year

In December last year, the CBSE Board announced that it would no longer classify students into first, second, and third divisions based on their total marks in the board exams. Additionally, the ‘Distinction’ category for students scoring over 90% marks has been eliminated. The board will also no longer calculate the overall percentile of marks for any student.

The CBSE board does not release the merit list of students either. CBSE aims to alleviate students’ anxiety about results and maintain healthy competition among them.

Major Key Points:

  • CBSE Board will not disclose divisions or toppers’ names for the 2024 results.
  • Changes in the result format include no mention of overall division, distinction, or aggregate marks.
  • The decision aims to reduce student anxiety and promote healthy competition.

Stay updated with the latest CBSE Board Result 2024 news and changes in student evaluation methods.

Important FAQs 

Why is CBSE not disclosing divisions or toppers’ names?

CBSE aims to reduce student stress and foster a more supportive learning environment.

Will the overall division and aggregate marks still be mentioned?

No, CBSE will not provide information on overall division, distinction, or aggregate marks.

How will admissions be affected by this change?

Admission institutes or employers may consider the top 5 subjects for students appearing in more than 5 subjects.

What other changes has CBSE made to the result format?

The ‘Distinction’ category for students scoring over 90% marks has been discontinued.

What is CBSE’s objective behind these changes?

CBSE aims to alleviate student anxiety about results and promote fair competition among students.

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