Interesting Facts about the Human Body Organs

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General Knowledge: Amazing Facts of Human Body Organs

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Welcome to Shikshapress. In the human body, there are several organs. An organ is a collection of hundreds of thousands of cells that collectively perform single functions in our body. The cells in these body organs are highly specialised and form for all the necessary actions for some specific time. There are 79 organs that vary according to their sizes, functions or actions.

Facts about the human body for kids and Students 

  1. The master organ brain is the control centre of the body, acting just like the CPU of a computer.
  2. The liver is not only the hottest but also the largest and metabolically most complex internal organ of our body.
  3. With 60% of the dry weight contributed by fats, the brain happens to be the fattiest organ.
    The skin is the largest body organ which stretches across an area of 2 square metres and accounts for approximately 15% of the body weight.
  4. The only organs in the human body that can float on water are the lungs as they can hold nearly a litre of air at any moment.
  5. If all the airways running through the lungs are joined end to end, they can go up to the length of 2,400 kilometres!
  6. The rapid progress in the field of neuroscience has turned many of the ‘brain facts’ of the past into ‘brain myths’ of today.
  7. If taken out and joined end to end in a straight line, the blood vessels present in the skin can measure as long as 11 miles.
  8. Your nose and ears continue growing throughout your entire life.
  9. Your sense of smell is around 10,000 times more sensitive than your sense of taste.
  10. Your heart beats around 100,000 times a day, 365,00,000 times a year and over a billion times if you live beyond 30.
  11. Between birth and death, the human body goes from having 300 bones to just 206.
  12. The small intestine is roughly 23 feet long.
  13. An adult skin weighs around 3 to 4 kgs.
  14. The brain remains the least explored human body organ. Though accounting for just 2% of weight, the master organ utilises around 20% of the total oxygen as well as the energy required by the body.

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