World Environment Day 2023 GK Quiz for Primary Students

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World Environment Day 2023: GK Quiz for Primary Students (For 2nd To 5th Grade)

Welcome Young Earth Champions! This year, on World Environment Day, we bring to you a fun-filled General Knowledge quiz designed specifically for primary students. This isn’t just a normal gk Trivia – it’s a journey to explore and appreciate the wonders of our environment.

Get ready to dive into the themes of World Environment Day 2023, understand why we celebrate this day, and most importantly, discover your role in keeping our Earth healthy and thriving. So, tighten your thinking caps and let’s start this exciting adventure!

Take the Green Challenge: World Environment Day 2023 GK Quiz for Kids

Test your knowledge on World Environment Day with our 2023 GK Quiz. Specifically designed for primary students, this interactive quiz offers fun and engaging questions about environmental awareness, conservation, and sustainability. Take part, learn more, and become an Earth champion!

Here are some multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with answers related to the environment for primary kids:

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#1. Which of the following is a natural resource?

#2. Which of the following is a renewable resource?

#3. How can we reduce air pollution?

#4. What should we do with plastic bottles after use?

#5. What does recycling mean?

#6. What is pollution?

#7. What is the importance of saving electricity?

#8. What is the main source of oxygen on Earth?

#9. What can we do to save water?

#10. Which of the following is harmful to the environment?



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Let’s all get together and help to save our environment. Happy World Environment Day!

We hope you will like this General Knowledge About Our Environment. This Online MCQ Quiz is to raise awareness among primary kids and students about Environment.

Share and Challenge your friends to score more than you with this Online GK Quiz on World Environment Day. You can find more General Knowledge Quizzes with answers on this website. 

Explore, Learn, Protect; Become an Eco-Superhero with our World Environment Day Trivia for Kids

Join the ranks of eco-warriors with our engaging World Environment Day 2023 GK Quiz, uniquely designed for our brilliant primary students.

Transform into a young planet protector and experience the thrill of learning about our Earth through a creative, interactive platform.

Take the green challenge and become an eco-superhero, delving into fascinating topics on environmental conservation and sustainability.

This World Environment Day, we invite all students to explore, learn, and commit to protecting our shared home. Unite for the cause and remember – every eco-warrior’s journey starts with a single step. So, step into this fun-filled quiz and let your journey begin!

Discover 10 environment day general knowledge quiz questions and answers for kids. Test your knowledge and Challenge yourself and learn about environmental issues while celebrating World Environment Day.

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