NEP 2020: What is ABC Academic Bank of Credits ?

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NEP 2020: What is Academic Bank of Credits?

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The credit bank will be just like a bank deposit account, in which the academic credit of the students prepared on the basis of classwork and tutorials will be credited. Academic Bank of Credit will be formed at the national level, will work on the principle of multiple entry-multiple exit.

An Academic Bank of Credit will transform Indian education

Name ABC Academic Bank Of Credits
Ministry Department of Higher Education MOE
Date of Inaugurated 29 July 2021

Academic Bank of Credits notified by UGC, now students will be able to design their own degree

The University Grants Commission (UGC) on Wednesday notified the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC (Academic Bank of Credits)), a mechanism for educational service to store and transfer the academic credit of a student. This scheme has been prepared under the new National Education Policy.

According to a gazette notification issued by the government, the Academic Bank of Credits will be a national level facility in higher educational institutions across the country to make the curriculum flexible and promote interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary academic mobility of students.

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“The object of this regulation is to devise a mechanism for proper credit transfer and to facilitate the students to choose their own mode of learning for pursuing degree or diploma or post graduate diploma or any other educational qualification,” the notification said. It is based on the principle of multiple entry and multiple exit as well as access to education at any time, anywhere and at any level.

According to this, it will make it possible to integrate multiple disciplines of higher education, which will lead to the desired learning outcomes in terms of creativity, innovation, level of thinking and ability to critical analysis etc. Students pursuing higher education in the country will be able to study the subject of their choice in different colleges and universities at the same time.

About ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) 

As per National Education Policy 2020, the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) has been envisaged to facilitate the academic mobility of students with the freedom to study across the Higher Education Institutions in the country with an appropriate “credit transfer” mechanism from one programme to another, leading to attain a Degree/ Diploma/PG-diploma, etc.,

The registration of institutions and services will be a critical function of the academic bank of credit.

ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) shall deposit credits awarded by registered institutions into students’ accounts. The Academic bank credit(s) can only be shared from institutions, not directly from the student. Only credits submitted by an authorized institution will be accepted for storage and validation by the ABC (Academic Bank of Credits).

Features of ABC 

  • Allows academic institutions to lodge and maintain the integrity of the credits
  • Maintains the authenticity and confidentiality of student credits
  • Easy credit transfer through digital mode
  • Faster credit recognition

Benefits of ABC 

  • Allows multiple entry, multiple exit for students
  • Stores student credit for a minimum shelf life of 7 years
  • Transfer credit through a single window after approval of source and destination academic institution
  • Only verified academic institutions can upload credits
  • Improves transparency and helps to build a more flexible approach to curriculum design and development

Process of ABC 

The credits earned by students will be deposited in their ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) ‘Academic Account.’ If the student moves to a different institution, the accumulated credits get transferred to the account of the new institution. Credits may be transferred from an institution to be accumulated in another programme offered by the same or another institution. Once the credit is redeemed for the award of the above, it would be irrevocably debited from the respective student’s ‘Academic Account’ of ABC (Academic Bank of Credits).

Allocation The process of assigning a number of credits to qualifications, degree programmes or single educational components. Credits are allocated to entire qualifications or programmes according to respective Universities or Autonomous institutions participating in the ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) scheme. 

Accumulation A student can accumulate credits in order to obtain qualifications, as required by the degree-awarding institution, or to document personal achievements for lifelong learning purposes.

Awarding The act of formally granting students and other learners the credits that are assigned to the qualification and/or its components if they achieve the defined learning outcomes. Credits are awarded to individual students after they have completed the required learning activities and achieved the defined learning outcomes, as evidenced by appropriate assessment

what does ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) mean ?

ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) will give students the opportunity to design their own degrees or make significant changes or acquire specializations, rather than being part of the clichéd and routinely offered degrees or courses at a university or autonomous college. The notification also states that it will also allow students to choose the pace of their studies considering the logistics and cost involved.

The credit bank will be just like a bank deposit account, in which the academic credit of the students prepared on the basis of classwork and tutorials will be stored. Simply put, with the help of ABC (Academic Bank of Credits), a student can take advantage of multiple entry and exit options in higher educational institutions and customize their degree. He can choose to study a course in one institute in one year and can switch to another in the next year.

The ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) will be modeled on the National Academic Depository (NAD), which stores the academic documents of the students and a website will have all the details related to the ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) and its operating system for all the stakeholders involved in higher education.

It will be a bank for academic purposes on the pattern of commercial banks for financial purposes, with academic account holders as students. Students will get the benefit of services such as credit verification, credit accumulation, credit transfer or redemption as well as certification of academic awards.

Preparations are underway to make the courses of higher educational institutions interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. Under this, students will now get the facility of national level academic bank of credit. After studying one year, the student can get transfer to any other institution in the second year also.

What is ABC (Academic Bank of Credits)?

Every student pursuing higher education in the Academic Bank of Credit Systems (ABC (Academic Bank of Credits)) notified by the UGC will be able to open an account. With the help of this, students will be able to achieve success in studying the subject of their choice. This system has been named by the Education Ministry as UGC (Establishment Operation of Academic Bank of Credit in Higher Education) Regulation-2021. Its notification has been issued on Wednesday.

How to get benefit from ABC (Academic Bank of Credits)?

According to the notification of UGC, the facility will be provided at the national level to the students pursuing higher education through ABC (Academic Bank of Credits). Through this, the students will be given the facility to leave teaching in the middle, get the certificate of that study and then start from where he has left teaching. Through this facility, students will be able to change their syllabus and subject if needed.

Not only this, they will be able to change their discipline completely i.e. commerce student will be able to take science and arts student will be able to study physics. The important thing is that what he has studied so far will not go to waste, but his credit score will be added to his account. A record of this credit of the children will be kept in ABC (Academic Bank of Credits). An account will be created for each student, where the information related to his studies will be stored.

ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) will get freedom to study 

Explain that through ABC (Academic Bank of Credits), the curriculum structure will be made flexible on a large scale. ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) will provide a choice of subjects to the students. In addition, the students will have new subjects, new methods, attractive courses to study. Overall, this will give freedom to the students to study. They will have the option of studying in many institutions of the country.

ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) for programme design, delivery and monitoring

The use of ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) credits improves transparency and helps to introduce a more flexible approach to curriculum design and development. The institutional credit framework is aimed at to cater the needs of different programmes and support inter and multi disciplinary approaches.

ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) for mobility and credit recognition

Successful learning mobility requires academic recognition and transfer of credits. Recognition of credits is the process through which an institution certifies that learning outcomes achieved and assessed in another institution satisfy the requirements of one of the programmes they offer.

FAQ’s About ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) 

What is the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC (Academic Bank of Credits)) ?

“Academic Bank of Credits” means an academic service mechanism as a digital/virtual/online entity established by University Grants Commission to facilitate students to become its academic accounts holder, thereby paving the way for seamless students’ mobility between or within degree granting HEIs through a formal systems of credit recognition, credit accumulation, credit transfer and credit redemption to promote distributed and flexible teaching learning.

ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) is a bank for academic purposes on the patterned of commercial banks for financial purposes with students as academic account holders to whom ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) shall provide a variety of services including credit verification, credit accumulation, credit transfer or redemption and authentication of academic awards.

Who can Avail the facility of ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) ?

Students belonging to eligible Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) can avail the facility of ABC (Academic Bank of Credits).

What are the eligibility criteria for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to register with ABC (Academic Bank of Credits)?

Universities and Autonomous Colleges which are accredited by either National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with minimum ‘A’ grade or by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for at least three programme(s) with a minimum score of 675 individually (however, if the number of programme(s) being run by the institution is less than three, than each of the programmes should secure 675 or more marks); or top 100 National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) or similar assessments and accreditation body(ies) to be established by Govt. of India from time to time; or those Indian Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) appearing in top 1000 world ranking of Quacquarelli Symons (QS)/ Times Higher Education (THE); Institutions of Eminence (IoE) or Institutions of National Importance as declared by the Govt. of India are eligible to register with ABC (Academic Bank of Credits).

How to know the accreditation status of Institutions?

Accreditation status of the institutions can be verified from the respective institutions. Usually, such type of information is available on the website of the institutions.

From which academic year the facility of ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) would be applicable?

No. Eligible institutions are required to get themselves registered on ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) platform, fulfilling the provisions mentioned in University Grant Commission (Establishment and Operation of Academic Bank of Credits in Higher Education) Regulations, 2021.

What are the functions of ABC (Academic Bank of Credits)?

Academic Bank of Credit shall deposit credits awarded by registered HEIs for courses pursued therein, in the Academic Bank Account of the students and the validity of such credits shall be as per the norms and guidelines issued by the UGC from time to time.

ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) shall not accept any document pertaining to course credits directly for students and shall entertain such documents as valid only when the same are transmitted by the respective, registered HEIs awarding the credits.

How much credits a student can earn from parent institution (i.e. the institution awarding the degree or diploma or certificate)?

Students shall be required to earn at least 50% of the credits from the parent institution where he/she is enrolled for a programme.

Can ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) award Degree / Diploma / Certificate?

No. ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) is a facility for credit accumulation transfer and redemption. Degree / Diploma / Certificate shall be awarded by the registered HEIs.

What is an Academic Credit?

Credit means the Standard Methodology of Calculating one hour of theory or one hour of tutorial or two hours of laboratory work, per week for a duration of a semester (30-15 weeks) resulting in the award of one credit; which is awarded by a higher educational institution. Credits for internship shall be one credit per one week of internship, subject to a maximum of six credits.

What is meant by “Credit-accumulation”?

“Credit-accumulation” means the facility created by ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) in the Academic Bank Account opened by students in order to transfer and consolidate the credits earned by them by undergoing courses.

What is “Credits-recognition”?

“Credits-recognition” means the credits earned through a registered Higher Educational Institution and transfer directly to the ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) by such HEIs.

What is “Credits-transfer”?

“Credit-transfer” means the mechanism by which registered HEIs are able to receive or provide prescribed credits to individual Academic Bank Accounts in adherence to the UGC credit norms for the course undertaken by students enrolled in any registered HEIs within India.

What is “Credit-redemption”?

“Credit-redemption” means the process of commuting the accrued credits in the Academic Bank Accounts of the students maintained in ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) for the purpose of fulfilling the credits requirements for the award of Degrees or Diplomas or Certificates or course work for Ph.D. programmes etc. by the registered degree awarding HEIs.

What exactly is the Academic Bank of Credits platform for, and how can it be of use for the students?

The ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) platform is a virtual repository or credit database built along the lines of the National Academic Depository, created and maintained by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, that would “store” the credit scores obtained by students in an online platform. Students will have their own accounts, each with their own ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) ID, as well as a dashboard where they can track their credit accumulation, transfer requests, and credit history. Students can also perform credit transfer initiation requests and a follow-up view request status effectively, just like in a traditional bank. In a nutshell, the ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) will make it easier to recognise, transfer, and redeem credits.

What is Academic Bank Account?

Academic Bank Account means an individual account with the Academic Bank of Credit opened and operated by a student, to which all academic credits earned by the student from course(s) of study are deposited, recognised, maintained, accumulated, transferred, validated or redeemed for the purposes of the award of degree / diploma / certificate etc. by an awarding institution.

How can a student sign up on the Academic Bank of Credits portal ?

Students can register by logging in at In addition, a complete user manual with step-by-step instructions and screenshots can be seen in the ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) portal’s Resources section.

For how long will the ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) accumulated credits be available in the system?

Credits deposited in the ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) platform will be valid for a maximum of seven years or the duration specified for a given discipline.

Contact Details of Academic Bank of Credits 

Official Name Academic Bank of Credits

National e-Governance Division, Ministry of Electronics & IT,

4th Floor, Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,

New Delhi – 110003, INDIA

Email Id
Contact Number  +91-11-24303-714

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