New Indian Parliament 2023 Awareness GK Quiz for Students

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Put Your Knowledge to the Test: Take Our Exciting 2023 Indian Parliament GK Quiz!

GK Quiz: The Indian Parliament holds immense significance as the apex legislative body of the country, shaping policies and governing our nation. With the recent formation of the new Indian Parliament, it becomes crucial for students and enthusiasts to stay updated on its structure, functioning, and key members.

To cater to this need for knowledge, we are excited to present the New Indian Parliament GK Quiz. Designed specifically for students, this quiz features 18 multiple-choice questions that delve into various aspects of the new Indian Parliament.

It offers a fun and engaging way to test your understanding and expand your knowledge about the latest developments in our democratic system. So, put your thinking caps on and embark on this enlightening journey through the corridors of the new Indian Parliament!

Discover the Power of Knowledge: Dive into our New Indian Parliament General Knowledge Quiz.

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Choose the Right Answer from the given options.

#1. How many seats will the Lok Sabha have in the new Parliament House?

#2. Which bird inspired the design of the Lok Sabha?

#3. What is the shape of the new Parliament House?

#4. How many seats will be dedicated to media personnel in the new Parliament House?

#5. How many entrances does the new Parliament House have?

#6. What modern amenities will be provided to members of Parliament in the new building?

#7. Who inaugurated the new Parliament building?

#8. When was the foundation stone laid for the new Parliament building?

#9. What is the purpose of the Central Vista Redevelopment Project?

#10. Total Built-up area of New Indian Parliament ?

#11. How many seats will the Rajya Sabha have in the new Parliament House?

#12. What is the earthquake resistance rating of the new Parliament building?

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The New Parliament Building has been designed for Earthquake Zone V. There are various parameters available in IS codes and the costing depends on the comprehensive parameters adopted in design

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#13. What eco-friendly practices are incorporated into the design of the new Parliament House?

#14. What flower inspired the design of the Rajya Sabha?

#15. What efforts are being made to make the new Parliament House more accessible to the public?

#16. What is weight of Lion Capital of Ashoka in New Parliament ?

#17. When is the scheduled inauguration date of the new Parliament House?

#18. How much will electricity consumption be reduced in the new Parliament House?



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We hope you will like this General Knowledge about Firefighters. This Online MCQ Quiz is to raise awareness among students about Our New ParliamentShare and Challenge your friends to score more than you with this Online GK Quiz. You can find more General Knowledge Quizzes with answers on this website. 

Salient Features of the New Parliament House

Long Lifespan: Designed to last over 150 years.

Earthquake Resistant: Incorporates advanced technology for earthquake resistance.

Architectural Diversity: Blends architectural styles from different regions of India.

Increased Seating Capacity: Chambers for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha accommodate more members.

Spacious Chambers: Lok Sabha chamber has 888 seats, Rajya Sabha chamber has 384 seats.

No Central Hall: The new building does not include a central hall.

Multi-Floor Structure: Consists of four floors with ministerial offices and committee rooms.

Smaller Size: 10% smaller in size compared to the old circular building.

Unveiling of National Emblem: Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the national emblem statue on July 11, 2022.

New Identity Cards: Lok Sabha Secretariat preparing new identity cards for MPs to access the building.

Training for MPs: MPs undergoing training on audio-visual devices used in the new building.

Triangular Design: Triangular design for optimal space utilization.

Constitutional Hall: Addition of a Constitutional Hall.

Modern Facilities: Multimedia display and other modern amenities.

Eco-Friendly Construction: Uses green materials to reduce electricity consumption by 30%.

Rainwater Harvesting and Solar Power: Incorporates systems for rainwater harvesting and solar power generation.

Media Facilities: Dedicated seats for media personnel (530) and public galleries for clear views of parliamentary proceedings.

Public-Friendly Design: Focuses on accessibility for the general public.

Special Entrances: Two designated entrances for children, senior citizens, and differently-abled individuals.

The completion of the new Parliament Building was announced for May 20, marking a significant milestone in India’s democratic infrastructure.

These GK questions are essential for competitive exams, and they provide a great opportunity for students to learn more about different things. Overall, this Indian current affair Awareness quiz will help anyone interested in learning more about this special day.

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