National Science Day Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly

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National Science Day Anchoring Script in English

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National Science Day (February 28) Anchoring Script: Hello, dear readers! If you are searching for a special anchoring script for National Science Day in English, which you can present in the morning assembly, then you are in the right place. In this post, we cover the best National Science Day anchoring script for morning school assembly.

We tried to make it simple and engaging. This anchoring script is very easy to read, remember, and present in the assembly. As you know, National Science Day is on 28 February every year. All educational organizations celebrate this special day. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes celebrate National Science Day on different themes.

Let’s have a look at an amazing and the best anchoring script on National Science Day in English for students.

Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly on National Science Day


Student 1: Good morning, respected Principal, esteemed teachers, and my dear friends. I am [Your Name], thrilled to be your host for today’s special morning assembly dedicated to National Science Day. As we gather here, let’s ignite our minds with curiosity and celebrate the wonders of science.

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Student 2: As we celebrate National Science Day, let’s remember the significance of this day. It marks the discovery of the ‘Raman Effect’ by Sir CV Raman on 28th February, a groundbreaking achievement that led him to win the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930.

Student 1: Indeed, [Co-host’s Name]. National Science Day not only commemorates Sir CV Raman’s contribution but also inspires us to foster a love for science. It’s a call to young minds like ours to explore, question, and innovate.

Student 2: Let’s take this day to reflect on how science is intertwined with our daily lives and how we, as students, can contribute to its advancement. Whether it’s through participating in science fairs, undertaking projects, or simply staying curious, every small step counts.

Student 1: As we conclude our assembly, let’s carry forward the enthusiasm for science and innovation. Let’s pledge to make every day a science day, exploring the mysteries of the universe and contributing to a brighter future.

National Science day Pledge

On National Science Day, we pledge to embrace curiosity and seek truth. We promise to use science to help others and innovate every day. We’ll honor scientists before us and protect our planet. As students, we commit to learning and sharing our love for science, aiming to make a difference.

Student 2: And I’m [Co-host’s Name], delighted to join [Your Name] in leading today’s assembly. Before we start today’s theme, let’s take a moment of silence, a time for reflection and to seek guidance for an enlightening day ahead.

[A brief moment of silence]

Student 1: Thank you, [Co-host’s Name]. Let’s remind ourselves of our school’s values and our commitment to knowledge. Please, lead us in our school pledge.

[School pledge is recited]

Student 2: With our spirits aligned with our school’s ethos, let’s honor our nation. Please stand for the National Anthem and sing with heartfelt pride.

[National Anthem is sung]

Student 1: Thank you, everyone. Let’s now lend our ears to [Student’s Name], who will share a thought-provoking message in honor of National Science Day.

[Thought for the Day is presented]

Student 2: Inspirational indeed! Moving on, let’s stay updated with the world around us. Our newsreaders, [Names], have some interesting stories to share.

[News Headlines are shared]

Student 1: Thank you for the updates. Now, let’s glance at our school bulletin for exciting upcoming events, presented by [Name].

[School Bulletin is shared]

Student 2: Thank you, everyone, for your attentive participation. Let’s go forward with a quest for knowledge and a heart filled with scientific wonder. Have an enlightening day ahead!

Both: Thank you, and happy National Science Day to all!

Daily School Morning Assembly Material

Activities ideas for National Science Day in Schools

Here are some Science Day special activities

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
1. Science Fair: Set up interactive booths showcasing experiments and projects. 2. Hands-On Workshops: Conduct experiments allowing students to explore scientific concepts. 3. Guest Speaker Session: Invite a scientist or expert to talk about exciting advancements in science.
4. Science Quiz Competition: Engage students in a fun and educational quiz. 5. DIY Science Crafts: Encourage creativity with science-themed arts and crafts. 6. Outdoor Nature Walk: Explore the school grounds and observe the natural world.
7. Astronomy Night: Stargazing event with telescopes and space-related activities. 8. Science Movie Screening: Showcase documentaries or films highlighting scientific achievements. 9. Invention Exhibition: Students present their innovative projects and inventions.
10. Microscope Exploration: Allow students to examine specimens through microscopes. 11. Science Debate: Encourage critical thinking with a science-themed debate. 12. Science Storytelling: Share fascinating scientific stories and discoveries.
13. Robotics Demonstration: Showcase robots and explain their role in modern science. 14. Science-themed Art Gallery: Display artwork inspired by scientific concepts. 15. Solar Energy Workshop: Teach the principles of solar power through hands-on activities.

These activities offer a mix of interactive, educational, and entertaining experiences for students on Science Day.

Hope you liked this special anchoring script in English for National Science Day. We designed it to spark curiosity and excitement among students and teachers alike.

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May this anchoring script not only make your assembly memorable but also ignite a passion for science in every heart. Let’s celebrate the wonders of science together, making every discovery an opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you for joining us in this celebration of knowledge and innovation.

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