Life Skills Quiz: 20 Questions That Could Save Your Child’s Life

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Life Kids Safety Quiz: Questions That Could Save Your Child’s Life | Child Safety Question and Answers.

Life Skill Quiz for Children: Standard Social Science Guide Child Safety Quiz. With this Child Safety MCQ Quiz Children and Students can learn Child Safety Steps. 

“What Would You Do?”: Questions Need to Ask to Keep Your Child Safe Would your child know what to do in certain situations to keep her/him safe? Learn 20 important child safety questions you need to ask to keep your kids safe.

Children are our most important resource and ensuring that they are safe and secure in schools across our country is most important. A safe school builds a culture of safety with awareness and vigilance along with the sensitivity to issues involved.

The first responsibility of ensuring the safety of the child lies with his parents and family. Parents should always be alert and keep an eye on every activity of their children.

They need to be aware of their children as much as possible, especially when they go out or at the playground, or while shopping. Apart from this, they need to keep an eye on the activities of their children.

General Home safety quiz questions and Answers | child safety questions and Answers

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Special emphasis should be given to child safety in schools as young children are vulnerable. Therefore child safety education should be given in primary schools so that children can learn how to be safe from strangers.

Children should also be taught who they can and cannot trust and how to ask for help when they feel threatened. It is not only the duty of the parents and concerned authorities to protect the children from harm and violence, but society should also play its role by coming forward.

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