7 Tips to Get Maximum Marks in Mathematics Exam

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How to Score Good Marks in Maths

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Many students find the CBSE Math exam hard. It has tricky problems, and you have to think fast. This can make you feel stressed and think you can’t do well.

But, we’ve got a great solution for you! In this blog, we’re going to share 7 awesome tips that will help you understand math better, feel more confident, and do really well in your exam. Let’s get ready to ace that math test!

Want to become a Math Topper? Discover the easy way to study Math that will make you a Math Topper. These tips, focusing on the best way to study Math, will guide you on how to score good marks in Math exams. They are the ultimate study tips for Math exams. So, follow these maths tips closely, and you’ll be on your way to scoring the highest marks in your Maths exams.

Tip 1: Master the NCERT Mathematics Book

Do you want to do really well in your math exam? than Start with your NCERT textbook. It’s like your math bible! Make sure you understand every example in it. Try to solve all the exercises too. This will help you get super clear about all the math concepts.

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The NCERT is so important for your exam. It’s where you build a strong base in math. So, don’t just look at it once. Spend time with it and practice a lot. This first step is a big part of getting ready for your math exam.

Tip 2: Embrace Active Learning

Ready for another great tip to ace your math exam? It’s all about active learning. Don’t just read your math book and call it a day. Try making mind maps or draw diagrams. They help you see math ideas in a new way. When you work on a problem, talk about what you’re doing.

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You can even explain it to yourself or a friend. This helps make the math ideas stick in your mind. Also, think about joining a study group. When you learn with others, you can share ideas and help each other. This way, learning math can be fun and a lot more helpful!

Tip 3: Practice Makes Perfect

For our third tip, remember this: the more you practice, the better you get at math. Try solving past year papers and sample papers. They show you different kinds of questions. This helps you get used to what the exam might be like. There are also lots of online resources and practice sets.

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Use these to make your math skills even stronger. They can also help you find parts of math you might need to work on more. The key is to keep practicing regularly. This helps you become faster and more accurate in solving math problems. So, keep practicing, and you’ll see how much you improve!

Tip 4: Time Management Masterclass

Now, let’s talk about managing your time in the math exam. It’s really important! First, make a plan on how to use your time during the exam. Think about which questions are easy and which are hard. Start with the easy ones. This way, you get them done and feel more confident. Then, if you have time left, you can work on the harder questions.

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Learning how to manage your time helps you a lot. You won’t feel rushed or panicked. Instead, you can focus on solving each problem well. So, practice timing yourself when you study. This will help you get really good at using your exam time wisely!

Tip 5: The Power of Explanation

For our fifth tip, let’s focus on how you write your answers. In math, it’s not just about getting the right answer. It’s also about how you explain your steps. Make sure your answers are clear and to the point. When you solve a problem, write down each step you take. This shows how you think and that you understand the problem.

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It’s important to be logical in your answers. This means each step should make sense and lead to the next one. Don’t write things that aren’t needed. Stick to the problem and how you solve it. This way, your answer will be strong and clear.

Tip 6: Conquer Exam Anxiety

Tip number six is all about beating exam stress. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous, but you can handle it! Start by thinking positive. Tell yourself you can do it. Believe in yourself, because you’ve worked hard.

There are cool ways to stay calm, like taking deep breaths or trying meditation. These can help you relax. Before the exam, picture yourself doing really well. This is called visualization, and it’s a great way to build your confidence.

Walk into your math exam feeling sure of yourself. Remember, you’ve prepared for this, and you can do it!

Tip 7: Continuous Improvement

Our final tip is all about getting better every day. After you practice math, take a little time to think about how you did. What went well? What could be better? If you made mistakes, that’s okay! They’re chances to learn. Look at each mistake and understand why it happened. This way, you won’t make the same mistake again.

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It’s okay to change how you study, too. What works for one person might not work for you. Try different ways of studying and see what helps you the most. Keep trying to improve, bit by bit. This is how you reach your best in math. Remember, every step forward counts!

Bonus Tips & Hacks for Better Marks in Exams

Here are some extra tips and hacks to help you do your best in math:

Healthy Sleep Schedule: Getting enough sleep is super important. It helps your brain work its best. Try to have a regular sleep schedule, so you’re well-rested and ready to learn.

Take Breaks: Studying a lot can be tiring. To avoid getting too tired or burned out, take short breaks. This helps you stay sharp and focused when you’re studying.

Reward Yourself: Set small goals for your study sessions, and when you reach them, give yourself a little reward. This keeps you excited and motivated to keep going.

Use Technology: There are so many cool online tools and apps that can make learning math fun and easier. Try using some of these to mix up your study routine and make it more interesting.

Remember, studying isn’t just about working hard. It’s also about taking care of yourself and finding fun ways to learn!


So, we’ve talked about some really important things to help you do great in your CBSE Math exam. Let’s quickly go over them again. First, remember that a strong foundation in math is key.

Your NCERT books are your best friends here. Next, active learning is a game-changer. Use mind maps and explain things out loud to really understand the concepts. Practice is super important too. The more you practice, the better you get. And don’t forget about managing your time during the exam and writing clear, step-by-step answers.

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Most importantly, stay positive and keep working on getting better. A little bit of stress is normal, but you can handle it. Get enough sleep, take breaks, and use technology to help you study.

Now, it’s your turn! Use these tips and believe in yourself. You can totally conquer the CBSE Math exam! And hey, if you’ve got any cool tips or experiences, please share them in the comments. We’d love to hear from you! Let’s make math success happen together!

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