Diwali Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Deepawali?

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Diwali General Knowledge MCQ Quiz for Kids

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Hi Readers, In This post you can Test your Diwali Festival Knowledge by “Diwali Quiz”! We Designed Deepwali GK Quiz to delight students and enthusiasts. This Diwali General Knowledge Quiz challenges you to prove your knowledge about the festival of lights.

From historical significance to festive traditions, “Diwali Trivia” makes for an enlightening prelude to the celebrations. So If you’re a Diwali Lover than our “Diwali Facts Quiz” is here to add a spark to your festival fervor. So, are you ready to ace our “Diwali Festival Quiz”? Let the quizzing!

Diwali General Knowledge MCQ Quiz for Students 

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Diwali Quiz

Do you know the answer to these interesting questions related to the festival of Diwali?

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How many sons did Shri Ram have?

2 / 15

In which season do people celebrate Diwali?

3 / 15

How many brothers did Shri Ram have?

4 / 15

What was the name of Shri Ram's mother?

5 / 15

Where did Shri Ram come from Lanka?

6 / 15

What was the name of the king of Lanka?

7 / 15

What do people usually put near the door of their homes?

8 / 15

What do families give each other when they get together for Diwali?

9 / 15

What do people clean to get ready for Diwali?

10 / 15

whose brother was Lakshman?

11 / 15

What’s a popular activity people do at night during Diwali?

12 / 15

Who was the Guru of Luv and Kush?

13 / 15

Why do people make Rangoli patterns?

14 / 15

Who went on Vanvaas with Shri Ram?

15 / 15

What’s another name for Diwali?

Share this Diwali Festival Special Quiz with your Friends and family and challenge them for this Deepavali quiz. Diwali is more than just a festival; it embodies our culture and history. Many children are unaware of the traditional way of celebrating this festival.

20 Diwali Questions to Challenge Your Mind and Learn About the Festival

In this Diwali GK Quiz let’s learn about the festival of lights with some interesting questions.

Question 1: When is Diwali celebrated in the Hindu calendar?

Answer: On Kartika Amavasya.

Question 2: Why do we celebrate Diwali?

Answer: To honor the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

Question 3: Can you name the five festivals near Diwali?

Answer: They are Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdashi, Diwali, Govatsa Dwadashi, and Bhai Dooj.

Question 4: What do we call the traditional Diwali lamp?

Answer: It’s known as a Diya.

Question 5: Which sweet is most commonly enjoyed during Diwali?

Answer: Laddoos are the favorite.

Question 6: What purpose does rangoli serve in Diwali?

Answer: Rangoli welcomes Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, into our homes.

Question 7: Which Maha Granth tells the tale of Rama’s victory over Ravana?

Answer: That’s the Ramayana.

Question 8: Which goddess do we worship on Diwali?

Answer: Goddess Lakshmi.

Question 9: Why do we use fireworks on Diwali?

Answer: To scare away evil spirits and bring good fortune.

Question 10: How do we wish each other for Deepawali?

Answer: We say “Shubh Diwali!” “Happy Diwali”

Question 11: Which country is most enthusiastic about Diwali?

Answer: India celebrates it with the most zest.

Question 12: What’s special about the color red on Diwali?

Answer: Red signifies good luck and prosperity.

Question 13: Which Puja is a Diwali tradition?

Answer: Maa Lakshmi Pujan

Question 14: What does the diya symbolize?

Answer: Light and knowledge.

Question 15: What’s the purpose of the Diwali puja?

Answer: It’s a ceremony to honor Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity.

Question 16: Why do we exchange gifts on Diwali?

Answer: To express love, friendship, and good wishes.

Question 17: What do Diwali sweets represent?

Answer: They symbolize the joy of life and hopes for a lucky, prosperous future.

Question 18: Again, what’s the reason for Diwali fireworks?

Answer: To chase away evil and bring luck.

Question 19: What’s the point of rangoli during Diwali?

Answer: It’s an artistic welcome for wealth and good fortune.

Question 20: What lesson does the story of Rama and Ravana impart?

Answer: It shows us that righteousness always prevails over wickedness.

By Involving Children In The Diwali trivia, They Can Be Connected With Their Culture And History, This Quiz Will Also Give Them Some knowledge about the Indian festival.

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