Click here to know the scholarship, eligibility and registration process Google is giving women to make a career in computer field

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Generation Google Scholarship for Women in computer science

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Welcome to ShikshaPress in this post You will Learn about Google Scholarships for Students , generation google scholarship 2021 india, generation google scholarship 2022, google scholarships for indian students 2020 and Generation Google Scholarship for women in computer science 2022. 

Now you will Know The Scholarship, Eligibility And Registration Process Google Is Giving Women To Make A Career In Computer Field. 

About Generation Google Scholarship for Women in computer science

Google, one of the largest tech companies in the world, is giving women a great opportunity to make a career in the computer field. For this, Google has also given scholarship in computer science. This scholarship is for women with a degree in computer science. All the women selected in the scholarship will get an amount of 74 lakhs in the year 2022-2023. This amount will be given on the basis of diversity, equity, inclusion, innovation and academic performance.

Who can apply for Google Scholarship ?

To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

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  • Be currently enrolled as a full-time student in a Bachelor’s degree for the 2021-2022 academic year
  • Be in your 2nd year of study at an accredited university in Asia Pacific country when completing the scholarship program
  • Be studying computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field
  • Demonstrate a strong academic record
  • Exemplify leadership and demonstrate passion for improving representation of underrepresented groups in computer science and technology

Apply like this for Google Scholarship: for Women in computer science

  1. Click on Official Link of Google Scholarship After this select Apply Now.
  2. Fill in all the requested information.
  3. At last press the submit button.

How to apply for Google Scholarship for women ?

For questions email

Application process for Scholarship By Google

You will be asked to complete an online application which includes:

  • General background information (e.g. contact information and details about your current and intended universities)
  • Resume/CV highlighting technical projects and participation in community engagement
  • Academic transcripts from your current institutions (and prior, if applicable)
  • Responses to two short answer essay questions (Refer below)
  • 15 minute “meet and greet” per shortlist participant
  • Google Online Challenge (Invitation to the challenge will be sent 5-7 working days post application deadline)

Note: Google Online Challenge solely serves as an additional data point when reviewing your application holistically.

Deadline: Friday, December 10, 2021 at 11:59 PM IST

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