Event Guidelines for CBSE Adolescent Summit on Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety and Well Being

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Event Guidelines for CBSE Adolescent Summit on Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety and Well-Being 2022

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CBSE Latest Circular: The CBSE Adolescent Summit on Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety and Well Being 2022. CBSE is organizing CBSE Adolescent Summit on Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety & Wellbeing 2022 on 15, 16, and 17 December 2022.


The CBSE Adolescent Summit on Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety and Well Being 2022

  1. Each participant will be provided a drawing sheet on arrival at the venue. All the topics will be based on the issues, concerns, and challenges related to the key theme of the summit- life skills, attitudes, values, gender, health and wellbeing, physical education, and other allied areas like child rights, peer mentoring, and positive parenting.
  2. Painting colors, brushes, pencils, erasers, crayons, and other related accessories will be brought by the participant.
  3. The topic will be announced on the spot.


The topic shall be picked up from the ‘Topic box’ at the venue. For familiarization, a few contemporary topics are mentioned below:

  • Thought is the mind, knowledge the sail, and body the vessel – Let’s walk it together
  • Education is the expressive language for the soul and body to nurture a healthy individual
  • Anger and Aggression in Youth today is the scourge of progressive times
  • The voice of adolescents – a growing paradigm in planning and policy
  • To win one should have talent and desire but the desire is first
  • Cyber World Impact- Boon or Curse
  • It’s time to integrate Mental Health and Wellbeing into schooling years
  • My Dream School – Child Centric, Child Friendly


  • This will be a solo event.
  • Participants can perform on any Indian Classical Dance form.
  • Participants must bring the background song/music in a CD/pen drive.
  • Only one team is allowed per school.
  • Time Limit for Solo dance is 3+1 minutes.
  • Appropriate dance costumes and makeup may please be incorporated.
  • The performance will be assessed on the basis of parameters like concept, movements, expressions, overall presentation and use of stage.


In today’s world, we all know that advertising has a significant impact on perception. This event will explore the brilliance of adolescents as key agents of life skills and social change with reference to the themes given below. If required, the team can use musical instruments to support their performance.

  • Save the girl child, save our society
  • Diversity of India – My Pride
  • Say No to Bullying – Utilize Life Skills
  • Prevention of Substance Use and allied high risk behaviors
  • Inclusive Education for All
  • Positive Parenting and Family Life Education
  • Adolescent Peer Leader as a stakeholder in the future of education
  • Stigma and Stereotypes of Mental Health
  • Media and Mental Health: The Pros and Cons


All participating schools will be allotted an exhibition stall on Day 1 of the program to display the creative expressions related to the work being done by them in promoting the key areas of life skills, attitudes, values, gender, health, safety, sanitation and wellbeing, physical education and other allied areas like child rights, peer mentoring, positive parenting, etc. All the key areas of comprehensive school health promotion (CSHP) may be kept in mind.

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  • The Stall will be available to the schools from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the venue. The school can reach the venue at 8:15 am for displaying the material in their stall.
  • The size of the stall shall be about 2×2 meters. 2 tables and 2 chairs will be provided. Schools can get their own standing boards.
  • Please bring your creative material like posters, paintings, collage, charts, artistic works, pictures, danglers, flex prints, models to display and craft kit which consists of scotch tape, double sided tape, pins, markers, reel of thread, stapler etc. to stick and hang the exhibits. (Use of nail hammer, and display outside the stall/ beyond the table will not be allowed). Please note, no electronic presentation will be entertained (through projectors, speakers, etc.) in the stall.


  • The Youth Parliament will involve interface of the students with national and international experts, noted educationists, media persons, health care providers, policy makers and others.
  • Participants will get an opportunity to express their perspectives at the Youth Parliament.
  • The major focus of this session shall be on the programs and policies pertaining to Education, Health, Women and Child Development and Social Justice and Empowerment.
  • Once enrolled for the Summit, the school shall receive further guidelines about the event. The two students nominated by the school shall accordingly prepare for the presentation.


Suggestive Topics:

  • Empowering India for Socioemotional Wellbeing
  • Creating Happy Childhood and Happy India
  • Impact of Social Media on Positive Mental Health
  • Peer learning for effective adolescent life skills
  • Family school partnership for holistic child development
  • Senior citizens – Blessings on the sands of time
  • Gender Sensitization and Awareness in schools
  • Child Rights Education – a thought in time for 21st Century Education
  • The Indian Armed Forces- Sentinels of the Nation
  • Meditation- Cultivating a Mind-Body Harmony

Important Things to Be Noted

  • The students may apply innovative ideas to showcase the message from the eyes of the Adolescents and Youth.
  • The duration of the short film shall not be more than 4 to 5 minutes including all credit rolls etc.
  • The short video may be prepared in Hindi or English.

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