How to Make Time Table for Daily Routine for Students?

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Tips to Make Time Table for Daily Routine for Students

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Hello Dear Students, Welcome to shikshapress, today in this post you will read how to make time table for daily routines for students in class 9, class 8, class 9, class 10, class 11 and class 12. Let’s Read about

How to Make a Daily Routine Study Timetable – Tips and Tricks

Making a study timetable can be a challenging task for students, but it is crucial to have one to ensure effective learning and proper time management. A well-planned timetable helps students to stay focused, organized, and motivated.

So today, we will discuss some useful tips on how to make the best study timetable for students.

Identify your goals: The first step is to know your study goals. Set clear objectives and goals that you want to achieve in a particular subject or overall academic performance.

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Prioritize your subjects: Identify the subjects that require more attention or are more challenging. Prioritize them according to their difficulty level.

Allocate time: Allocate time for each subject based on their priority and the time you need to devote to them. Make sure to set realistic time slots, and include breaks to avoid burnout.

Be flexible: A study timetable should be flexible to accommodate changes and unexpected events. Allow some room for flexibility in your schedule.

Include extra-curricular activities: Dear Students, It’s very important to balance your academics with extra-curricular activities like sports, music, or any type of your hobby. So please Include all these activities in your timetable. your favourite activities will improve your mental and physical health too.

Stick to the timetable: A timetable is only effective if you follow it strictly. Make it a habit to stick to your schedule and avoid delaying things.

Review and update: Regularly review and update your timetable to ensure that it aligns with your academic goals and progress.

If Students want to manage their time and achieve their academic goals then they have to make a daily study timetable in an effective way. With proper planning, prioritization, flexibility, and commitment, students can make the best study timetable that suits their needs and enhances their learning.

You must focus on the importance of time management and make the best use of your time through a well-planned daily study timetable.

Why Time Table for Daily Routine for Students is important?

It is important for students to have a proper timetable for daily routine. Daily Routine Timetable helps them to manage their time very effectively.

Students are more likely to be prepared, on time, and disciplined in their daily tasks when they have a good day plan or daily routine. A well-planned timetable can help students balance their academic, personal and extra-curricular activities.

With a timetable, students can prioritize their tasks and activities based on their importance and urgency. Dayplan can help them in avoiding procrastination, with this students can make better use of their time. Additionally, a time table can help students set realistic goals and track their progress towards achieving them.

Daily Schedule for Kids – Demo

When we create an effective daily routine for the students it can improve the overall well-being and enhance the productivity of children. A well-organized daily routine timetable can be helpful for students.

Students can better manage their energy and time and ensure that they have enough time for everything. Here we have put together a Monday timetable demo for you which can help students make the most out of their day:

Time  To Do 
5:00 AM Wake up and stretch
5:15 AM Take a shower and get ready for the day
5:45 AM Practice meditation or mindfulness exercises
6:00 AM Take a walk or do some light exercise
6:30 AM Review your daily schedule and to-do list
7:00 AM Have a healthy breakfast with protein, fruits, and whole grains
7:30 AM Arrange your School Bag
8:00 AM Attend school or classes
2:00 PM Eat a healthy lunch with vegetables, whole grains, and protein
2:30 PM Take a break and engage in a hobby or activity / Take a Power nap
3:00 PM Start homework or assignments for the day
4:30 PM Take a break and have a healthy snack
4:45 PM Resume working on homework or assignments
6:00 PM Playground Time / Dada Dadi Time / Grand Parents Time 
7:00 PM Finish any remaining homework or assignments
8:00 PM Take Dinner with family 
9:00 PM Walk / TV / Join any Course 
10:00 PM Start getting ready for bed and wind down with a book or relaxing activity
10:30 PM Lights out, it’s time for bed

Time Table for Small Kids | Primary Students | Kindergarten Kids

time table for daily routine Kids
time table for daily routine Kids

This sample timetable can be adjusted based on children’s individual needs and preferences. I suggest that Prioritizing healthy habits such as yoga, exercise, hygiene, healthy eating, and good sleep is very important for students.

6:00 AM – Wake up and get ready for the day

6:00 AM – Prayer | Thank You God for Another Day

6:30 AM – Engage in light physical activity such as dancing, jumping jacks, or stretching

7:00 AM – Brush teeth and wash hands

7:15 AM –  Have a healthy breakfast with parents or family members

7:30 AM – Take a bath or shower and get dressed for the day

8:00 AM – Spend time reading a book or playing educational games

9:00 AM – Attend preschool or engage in other educational activities such as art, music, or language classes

11:30 AM – Have a healthy snack such as fruits, vegetables, or nuts

12:00 PM – Spend time playing and engaging in physical activities such as running, jumping, or playing with toys

1:00 PM – Have a healthy lunch with parents or family members

1:30 PM – Take a nap or have some quiet time to rest and recharge

3:00 PM – Spend time engaging in creative activities such as drawing, painting, or building with blocks

4:00 PM – Engage in social activities such as playing with friends or participating in group activities

5:00 PM – Have a healthy snack such as crackers, cheese, or yogurt

5:30 PM – Engage in physical activities such as riding a bike, playing in a park, or going for a walk

6:30 PM – Spend time engaging in family activities such as playing board games or watching a movie together

7:30 PM – Start getting ready for bed by brushing teeth and changing into comfortable clothes

8:00 PM – Story Time with Grand Parents or Mom Dad

8:30 PM –  Thank You God | Gratitude Prayer

8:45 PM – Lights out, it’s time for bed

Best Daily Routine Timetable For Students

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