Take the Cleanliness Pledge, Get a Govt. of India Certificate

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Take Pledge for Cleanliness and Get Certificate By Govt. of India

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Cleanliness Pledge: Earn Your Certificate from the Govt. of India

A clean nation reflects its citizens’ pride and commitment. As India marches forward in the modern world, it becomes all the more vital to reflect upon our responsibilities towards our nation.

The Government of India, in a visionary move, now offers a “Pledge Certificate” to those who commit themselves to maintaining the sanctity and cleanliness of our great nation. Let us delve deeper into what this Pledge for Cleanliness entails and why every Indian should consider taking it.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Vision

The Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, always envisaged an India free from the chains of colonialism. But his dream didn’t stop at freedom. He envisioned a country that shone not only in its democratic values but also in its cleanliness and development. He did his part, securing freedom for our Mother India.

Our Role in His Dream

Having reaped the fruits of his and countless others’ sacrifices, we now have a duty. It becomes our solemn responsibility to serve our Mother India, ensuring its cleanliness. We should ask ourselves, “If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

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The Cleanliness Pledge: A Commitment to Cleanliness

By taking this Pledge for Cleanliness, we make a promise:

  • To devote ourselves to the cause of cleanliness, committing time and effort.
  • To willingly give 100 hours each year, which breaks down to just two hours every week, to work voluntarily for cleanliness.
  • To ensure our surroundings remain litter-free and to discourage others from littering.
  • To start this cleanliness mission with ourselves, extending it to our families, our localities, our villages, and our workplaces.
  • To recognize and believe that clean nations thrive because their citizens refuse to litter and prevent others from doing so.
  • To spread the word about the Swachh Bharat Mission across villages and towns.
  • To inspire and encourage at least 100 other individuals to take this Cleanliness pledge and join us in our mission to devote their hours to cleanliness.

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With each step we take towards achieving this goal, we come closer to realizing a clean India. We not only make our surroundings better but also contribute to a larger vision.

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