Take the Cleanliness Pledge, Get a Govt. of India Certificate

Pledge for Cleanliness

Take Pledge for Cleanliness and Get Certificate By Govt. of India Cleanliness Pledge: Earn Your Certificate from the Govt. of India A clean nation reflects its citizens’ pride and commitment. As India marches forward in the modern world, it becomes all the more vital to reflect upon our responsibilities towards our nation. The Government of … Read more

Armed Force Flag Day Pledge with Certificate for Students

Armed Forces Flag Day Pledge

Armed Force Flag Day Pledge for Students (With Certificate) Armed Forces Flag Day 2022: India is celebrating Armed Forces Flag Day every year since 1949. On August 28, 1949, a committee was constituted by the Defense Minister, after the decision of this committee, Flag Day is celebrated every year on December 7. Armed Forces Flag … Read more

CBSE Circular: e-Integrity Pledge (With Certificate) For Teachers and Students

e-Integrity Pledge

CBSE Circular: e-Integrity Pledge For Teachers and Students By CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION INDEPENDENT INDIA @ 75: SELF RELIANCE WITH INTEGRITY CBSE Circular: It is decided to observe Vigilance Awareness Week this year from 27 October 2022 to Is November 2022 in CBSE Schools. The CBSE circular under reference to the “PLEDGE” is enclosed herewith for … Read more

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