Atal Bihari Vaipayee General Scholarship Scheme Guidelines

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee General Scholarship Scheme Guidelines

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1) Only Universities / Institutes having an excellent academic reputation, requisite facilities to host foreign students, dedicated office of ISA to address the issues of foreign students already having a sizable number of foreign students will be impaneled.

The list of criteria for impalement will be decided by ICCR and may be amended from time to time if required.

2) According to the A2A process, applications will be directly sent by students to their respective universities instead of processed at Mission-level. This will automate the process and Universities will be able to see the applications received directly from the students.

3) Applicants have the option to apply to 5 Universities/Institutes in the order of their preference of study. The admission, as far as possible, shall be given as per the applicant’s preference. However, there may be a scenario when students do not get admission to their preferred Universities/institutes due to the limited number of seats on offer.

Students should therefore be prepared to receive admission from any of their five preferences. The mission may consult ICCR HQ in certain cases where some particular Universities/institutes are oversubscribed and the next preference will have to be exercised.

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4) For AY 2023-24, a 500-word essay in English has been introduced to ascertain English proficiency. Besides, students can also submit their TOEFL/IELTS etc. Standardized Test scores, if available. ICCR is also requesting Universities/institutes to conduct interviews of applicants online if so required. There will be no separate English tests by Missions, as was earlier.

5) While publicizing the scheme, interested students are advised to visit the respective University/institute website regularly for courses offered, eligibility criteria and general information about the University/institute before applying for admission.

The students should ensure that they are eligible for the course and meet the eligibility criteria and should submit relevant documentation as required by the Universities, in addition to the basic certificates mentioned in the application form. They would also be advised to refer to the University’s Handbook/University Grant Commission’s website etc.

6) It may be noted that for BE/B. Tech courses, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) are compulsory in 11 and 12 Grades and it is a mandatory requirement for Engineering courses.

Mark sheets for each i.e., level 10 and 10+2 equivalent level of school should be uploaded along with the transcripts in English. The applications will not be considered without English translation of documents if the original documents are not in English.

It may also be noted that incomplete applications can be summarily rejected by Universities. Students should be advised to thoroughly check their applications and attach requisite documents before submission of the application.

7) For Undergraduate/Post-graduate courses – between 18 to 30 years and for PhD Programmes – between 18 to 45 years.

8) Please note that for Science courses, the expenditure on laboratory chemicals and other incidental charges will be borne by the scholars themselves.

9) It is compulsory for all ICCR scholarship students to procure a Medical insurance policy with a minimum sum assured for Indian Rupees Five Lakhs per annum.

The mission is requested to inform applicants that when they travel to India, they must have medical insurance coverage on their own either before travel or immediately after reaching India, whichever is convenient.

Students can purchase medical insurance from any of the insurance companies of their choice. However, to facilitate students, A2A Portal has two insurance companies for referral purposes.

Missions should also make appropriate changes in their website/social media handles so that students who would be applying for ICCR scholarships for the upcoming academic year are aware of the change in a medical insurance policy. ICCR has uploaded the revised norms on its A2A Portal.

Source: Embassy of India (Atal Bihari Vaipayee General Scholarship Scheme)

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