World Water Day Quiz: How Much do you Know About Water ?

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World Water Day Quiz Questions and Answers 

World Water Day GK Quiz: How much do you know about water?

The World Water Day quiz is important for students because it will help to raise awareness about the importance of water. The challenges we face in preserving precious water resources.

The world water day quiz can be a fun and engaging way to educate kids and students about the very important issues related to water scarcity, pollution, and conservation.

About World Water Day 2024

World Water Day 2024: The goal of celebrating Water Day is to take action to tackle the global water crisis in support of water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Water is life and our tomorrow is connected with water. That is, there is hardly any need to throw light on how important water is for the people of the whole earth.

Water is our basic need as well as the basis of life and to show this importance, World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22 March. The goal of celebrating Water Day is to work to tackle the global water crisis in support of water and sanitation for all by 2030.

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World Water Day Theme 2024

Every year World Water Day is organized with a theme and efforts are made to achieve the objective of that theme. The theme of World Water Day 2024 is “Water for Peace”.

Groundwater is an important resource that provides almost half of the potable water worldwide. The main objective of World Water Day this year will be the discovery, conservation and sustainable use of groundwater.

World Water Day History

The International Day we celebrate started in 1992 during a big meeting in Rio de Janeiro about the environment. That same year, the United Nations decided that March 22nd would be known as World Water Day. We’ve been observing it every year since 1993.

In addition to this, other events and programs were also linked to this special day to mark World Water Day. On this day, individuals and groups host various events and spread messages about the significance of clean water through social media and television.

World Water Day Significance

Water Day seeks to motivate individuals globally to understand water-related challenges and contribute positively. In 2024, the emphasis is on groundwater, an unseen resource with widespread effects.

This day highlights critical water issues including scarcity, pollution, insufficient supply, inadequate sanitation, and the impacts of climate change.

We hope you would like this General Knowledge about Water Day MCQ Quiz on World Water Day to raise awareness among students. Share and Challenge your friends to score more than you with this Online Quiz about WWD World Water Day. You can find more General Knowledge Quizzes with answers on this website. 

Countries With the Highest Water Waste:

  • China: 362 trillion gallons/year.
  • United States: 216 trillion gallons/year.
  • Brazil: 95 trillion gallons/year.
  • Russia: 71 trillion gallons/year.
  • Mexico: 53 trillion gallons/year.
  • India: 30 trillion gallons/year.
  • England: 20 trillion gallons/year.
  • France: 20 trillion gallons/year.

Every year on or around World Water Day a new World Water Report is released to formulate and implement water policies. This report is coordinated by UNESCO’s World Water Development Program (WWAP) on behalf of UN-Water. The annual theme of World Water Day focuses on this report.

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  1. Water is the most important and previous element in this world. People think that we get water free on one side it is true but on the other side you would ever notice that how water is obtained ? Here the question comes so there are some sources of water such as lakes ,ponds,rivers,Wells and rain is the source of water too and the ocean is the source of salty water . So we should save water.


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