What is International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)?

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International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA): A New Era in Conservation

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership sees the Indian government creating the International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) in India. With a one-time budget of Rs. 150 crore over five years, this move reflects a strong commitment to wildlife conservation.

The Genesis of IBCA

The idea for the IBCA was born out of India’s success in tiger conservation, acknowledged globally. On Global Tiger Day 2019, Prime Minister Modi called for a unified effort to combat poaching and protect big cats. This vision took concrete shape with the formal announcement of the IBCA, aimed at preserving big cats and their habitats worldwide.

The Titans of the Alliance

The IBCA focuses on seven big cats: the Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Puma, Jaguar, and Cheetah. India is home to five of these magnificent creatures. The Alliance is a collaborative effort involving 96 countries, conservation partners, scientific organizations, and corporates, all united for big cat conservation.

IBCA’s Objectives and Strategy

The IBCA’s mission is multifaceted: enhancing knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking, and financial support, all dedicated to big cat conservation. By promoting sustainable development and livelihood security, the Alliance aims to address environmental resilience and climate change.

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Governance and Global Participation

The IBCA’s structure includes an Assembly of Members, a Standing Committee, and a Secretariat based in India. Inspired by the International Solar Alliance’s framework, the IBCA is set to finalize its governance through an International Steering Committee.

Funding and Support

With an initial investment from the Indian government, the IBCA seeks to grow its financial resources through contributions from various national and international agencies. This funding will ensure the sustainable management of natural resources and address the challenges posed by climate change.

Impact and Vision

The IBCA stands as a beacon of international cooperation, aiming to foster global efforts towards big cat conservation. By integrating biodiversity conservation with sustainable development goals, the Alliance not only protects these majestic animals but also supports the well-being of countless communities dependent on natural ecosystems.

Alliance Objectives:

Conservation Collaboration: IBCA fosters mutual cooperation among countries for the benefit of big cat conservation.

Multipronged Approach: With a focus on knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking, advocacy, finance, and resource support, IBCA envisions a comprehensive strategy.

Sustainable Development: Acting as a collaborative platform, IBCA integrates biodiversity policies with sustainable development goals, promoting a green economy.

Governance Structure: IBCA’s governance comprises an Assembly of Members, Standing Committee, and a Secretariat headquartered in India, aligning with the pattern of International Solar Alliance.

Financial Support and Future Prospects:

Budgetary Support: The Government of India has allocated Rs. 150 crore for the initial five years, with plans to explore additional contributions from various sources.

Holistic Conservation: IBCA recognizes the interconnectedness of biodiversity conservation with local needs, contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Use of Resources: By safeguarding big cats and their habitats, IBCA contributes to natural climate adaptation, water and food security, fostering long-term conservation.

Most Important FAQs about IBCA

What is the main goal of the International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)?

To conserve big cats globally and ensure their habitats’ sustainability.

Who initiated the International Big Cat Alliance?

The initiative was started by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

How many countries are participating in the IBCA?

Ninety-six countries are part of the IBCA.

What is the budgetary support for the IBCA from 2023 to 2028?

The IBCA is supported with a budget of Rs. 150 crore.

What are the main species focused on by the IBCA?

The main species are the Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Puma, Jaguar, and Cheetah.

In summary, the International Big Cat Alliance represents a groundbreaking effort in wildlife conservation, demonstrating India’s leadership on the global stage and offering a new hope for big cat populations and their habitats around the world.

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