Vaccination Certificate: How to Download Corona Vaccination Certificate from Whatsapp

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Vaccination Certificate: You can also download corona vaccination certificate from WhatsApp, know the Steps 

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Vaccination Certificate In view of corona, the certificate of both doses of vaccine or corona test (RTPCT) report has been made mandatory for travel to many places. If both of you have been vaccinated but do not have the certificate, then do not panic at all. You can download it from WhatsApp in minutes.

The process of covid vaccination is going on. The government is taking several measures to make this process easier. In the same year, WhatsApp chatbot was launched to give accurate information about the corona virus. Those who have taken the vaccine will now also be able to download their certificate of COVID-19 vaccination through the MyGov Corona Helpdesk WhatsApp chatbot. Know step by step how to download.

Vaccination Certificate: How to Download Corona Vaccination Certificate from Whatsapp.

The MyGov Corona Helpdesk will not let users download certificates for others whose vaccine slots were booked via another mobile number. If you registered for COVID 19 vaccine under a different mobile number, make sure that the WhatsApp app is registered with the same number.

Before downloading the certificate of corona vaccination, the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot has to be added to the WhatsApp list. For this, add the mobile number 91-9013151515 to your contact list. Better save it as MyGov WA Chatbot. This will make searching easier. To be certified via chatbot, at least one dose of the vaccine must be administered.

Whatsapp Chat Bot Number  +91-9013151515

So Let’s know about How to download your COVID-19 vaccination certificate on WhatsApp with Easy Steps.

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Steps to Download Vaccine Certificate

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Then open the number with MyGov chatbot from the WhatsApp search bar.
  2. Now type Download Certificate in the chat window. Send a message to start the process of getting your COVID-19 vaccination certificate on WhatsApp.
  3. You will then receive an OTP (One-Time Password) on your registered mobile number. Here you have to note that if your name is registered on the Covin platform with a different phone number, then the chatbot will not allow you to download the certificate from your number. In that case you have to enter that number, then on the same you will get OTP.
  4. Enter the OTP in the chat window. If multiple members are connected to the registered number, the chatbot will show the option to download each member’s certificate individually.
  5. Now in the WhatsApp chat window, select the member whose vaccination certificate you want to download
    The chatbot will then send a PDF of the vaccination certificate to your device, which can be downloaded.

FAQ: How to Download COVID Vaccination Certificate via Whatsapp?

Yes You Can Download Crorna Vaccination Certificate via Whatsapp easily by use of  above given steps.



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